Brad Pitt 'Not Ready to Give Up' on Estranged Kids Despite Shiloh's Request for Name Change
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The 'devastated' father of six is reportedly 'finding it extremely difficult to come to terms with' his children alienating themselves from him, though he realizes he 'doesn't have much of a relationship' with them.

AceShowbiz - Brad Pitt is understandably upset about his strained relationship with his children, whom he shares with ex-wife Angelina Jolie. Following reports that his daughter Shiloh has submitted a petition to the Los Angeles court to have her father's last name removed from her surname, the actor is said to be "devastated."

"Brad was devastated by this choice," a source said in the latest issue of Us Weekly. "To him, it was more than a change of name - it was a symbol of a deeper estrangement that has been brewing for years."

Following Brad and Angelina's divorce, the exes have been embroiled in a long and nasty custody battle as well as legal battle over their winery. "Sadly, their rift has only widened over time," the first source dished. "The boys found it difficult to reconcile with Brad despite his repeated apologies and efforts to rebuild trust."

While a second source acknowledged that "sadly, Brad doesn't have much of a relationship with his kids," the insider added, "He's not ready to give up on them, but knowing they are dropping his name is upsetting." The third source claimed, "Brad's putting on a brave face, but behind closed doors, he's finding it extremely difficult to come to terms with [what's happening]."

Of what led to the estrangement, the source explained, "They've struggled to forgive and connect with Brad since the divorce. Their mom is the head of the household, and she's raised them with love and selflessness their whole lives. Once Brad left, it was very hard for them to see him go to war with her."

The third source said, "Brad's relationship with Maddox and Pax is nonexistent at this point, and he barely, if ever, hears from Zahara." The same insider shared, "Maddox was very affected by that incident, and he's taken it upon himself to be Angelina's protector," adding that the older boys' opinions of Brad "rubbed off on" the younger kids.

The source went on noting that Shiloh's name change is "connected" to the alleged "abuse history," saying, "That's part of it." Saying that Brad once had a solid connection with Shiloh, the second source weighed in, "She [used to be] very close with Brad and his family, but that relationship [changed] in recent years."

The fourth source additionally testified of Brad's similar situation with Vivienne and Knox. "They used to have Facetime calls when they were apart and he was much more involved in their lives, but the dynamic has shifted," the insider stated.

According to one of the informants, Brad still sporadically sees Vivienne, Knox and Shiloh at his Los Feliz mansion, located just a few blocks away from Angelina's home. The third source said, "Brad makes a big effort to spoil the kids when they hang out. He orders their favorite foods and makes the most of those few hours."

"He's very private, and does everything he can not to be photographed," the second source said, claiming that Angelina "is the opposite." The "Eternals" star is "very aware of when she's being watched and is cognizant of her image [as a doting mom]," according to the source.

Brad allegedly blames Angelina for the tense family dynamics. "He feels that the negative narrative Angelina presents to the kids is a major obstacle in his efforts to reconnect," the first source shared. "With Angelina having daily influence over the children, Brad finds it nearly impossible to change their perceptions."

Angelina allegedly "targeted Shiloh from the start because she was the closest to Brad." She, however, is adamant the kids have made up their own minds. "They know what they saw. For anyone to suggest she's controlled them is off base," said the third source.

Of the tension between Brad and Angelina, a fifth informant claimed, "Angelina is the one who is going after him through Miraval and won't let up, Brad is just trying to see his children, not tear her or her businesses down."

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