North West Shines at 'The Lion King' Live Concert Despite Harsh Criticisms Online

The eldest child of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian makes her Hollywood Bowl debut at the 'Lion King' 30th anniversary concert, but the performance wasn't without its critics.

AceShowbiz - The Hollywood Bowl witnessed an array of emotions on the night of North West's performance. The 10-year-old showcased her acting and singing prowess by bringing Simba to life during the live-to-film concert event. Opting for a non-traditional Broadway look, North wore a yellow zip-up jacket with a furry hood, matching baggy shorts, and furry slippers.

Among those cheering in the audience were some of Hollywood's biggest names, including North's family. Proud dad Kanye West donned a white hoodie while "grandmomager" Kris Jenner wowed in an ankle-length animal print coat.

Kim Kardashian showed her unwavering support from behind the scenes, sharing snaps of their all-access passes and flower arrangements sent by Kris and great-grandmother Mary Jo "MJ" Campbell. The A-list crowd also included aunt Kourtney Kardashian, and her husband, Travis Barker.

Although North's rendition of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" garnered applause from the audience, the reception on social media was more polarized. One user harshly commented, "Not to be hating on a child or anything but it's sad to think the other performers trained their whole lives to be on that stage and all North had to do was be Kim n Kanyes child. She can't even sing."

Another wrote, "Nickelodeon is full of proof there are children who can sing or dance; North West ain't it. Can she get there with training, yes. And this 'performance' is the latest proof that she needs it, because 'you did so good, honey!!' is keeping that child abysmally mediocre."

However, the young performer's enthusiasm and diligence couldn't go unnoticed. Her presence exuded confidence, with her long braids peeking from under her hood as she flawlessly executed her choreography alongside Broadway professionals.

North has had a taste of the limelight even before her acting debut. She has been a part of her father Kanye West's performances during various album release events for "Vultures 1," including in Miami and Paris. North has also made history by becoming one of the youngest artists to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 when she was featured in "Talking / Once Again."

North's determination and dreams extend beyond the stage. In a previous interview, she expressed her aspiration to be a rapper, a basketball player, an artist, and a business owner - possibly taking over her parents' brands Yeezy and SKIMS someday.

In an industry as ruthless as entertainment, young North West is undoubtedly making her mark while carrying forward the legacy of her illustrious family.

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