Marc Lamont Hill Defends North West's 'Lion King' Casting Amid Backlash: Get Over Nepotism!

In a new interview, the author calls out hypocritical people while pointing out that nepotism in Hollywood is not something new, so people shouldn't have been that upset over North's casting.

AceShowbiz - Marc Lamont Hill weighs in on the controversy surrounding North West's performance in "Disney's The Lion King 30th Anniversary - A Live-to-Film Concert Event". The author pointed out that nepotism in Hollywood isn't something new, so people shouldn't have been that upset over North's casting.

Speaking on "TMZ Live" on Tuesday, May 28, Marc defended the casting of the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the Hollywood Bowl production of the Disney classic despite her lack of singing skills. "I'm so tired of people being hypocritical. … In every movie, in every play, somebody casts somebody who's not that good - or may be as good as everybody else but not extraordinary," Marc said. "I'm not dissing North West, I didn't see the performance."

"My point is to say we put rappers for the last 30 years and the reason we do it is because people are famous and famous people bring in tickets," he continued. "A lot of the people who were complaining about doing that are the same people who want the legacy admission for their kids. … Everybody wants their kid to get the hookup, but then they get mad when it's a Kardashian or West getting the hookup. Get over yourselves!"

In the May 24-25 performances, North took on the role of Young Simba. Wearing a Simba-inspired zip-up hoodie and fuzzy headpiece, the 10-year-old delivered a performance of "I Just Can't Wait to be King". The production also featured Jason Weaver, who voiced Simba in 1994's "The Lion King", Billy Eichner, Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, Heather Headley and Jennifer Hudson.

Upon watching videos of North's performance, some Internet users blasted the young girl for using her celebrity status to get the role. "North West would probably be great as the lead in a high school production of 'The Lion King' but for a 30th anniversary concert it's a bit embarrassing," an X user wrote. "The nepotism was clear, and you could see and hear the lack of rehearsal. Shame on the parents… this was more for them than her."

Another added, "The whole North West/Lion King situation just reminds me of the real world (and) how interviews for a job/opportunity can go. It's never WHAT you can do or how perfect you think you're qualified but rather WHO you know. We've all seen it. This is no different."

"Hundreds of talented kids…worked to get opportunities like this. Like kids playing Simba/Nala in 'The Lion King' on Broadway (who) left NO CRUMBS, but instead, they went (with) nepotism," one other tweet read. "I'm all for nepo babies getting opportunities. But a hardworking theater kid deserved that role. She even wore a hoodie (and) slippers," someone else pointed out.

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