Pharrell Williams Believed to Have Mocked Drake on 'Despicable Me 4' Track 'Double Life'
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The subtle chess moves between Pharrell and Drake have an intriguing history, combining personal grievances with public taunts, as their unspoken feud resurfaces with the release of Pharrell's new single.

AceShowbiz - Pharrell Williams and Drake have had an unspoken feud, and this tension has now bubbled to the surface in a way that catches the eye of any hip-hop enthusiast. While Pharrell is known for his optimistic and positive outlook - manifested in his infectious hit "Happy" - his friendship with Pusha T put him at odds with Drake.

Pusha T famously threw a wrench into Drake's public persona in 2018 while Pharrell never directly involved himself. Before Pusha T publicly attacked Drake, the OVO star even did the remix of "Lemon", Pharrell's song with Rihanna, in 2017.

However, things escalated when the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar took center stage. As Kendrick picked up the torch from Pusha T, the drama intensified, especially with Drake taunting Lamar by bringing up Pharrell's jewelry. This messy saga seemed destined to simmer under the radar - until now.

Pharrell recently released a new single titled "Double Life" on June 14, part of the "Despicable Me 4" soundtrack. While it might seem odd to include a rap diss in a kid's movie soundtrack, the lyrics suggest otherwise.

Pharrell takes veiled shots at an unnamed target, with lines like "Hey, what are you hiding?", "Some of your dirt has come to light", and "Someone saw you in a fight." Some fans believe these cryptic verses are a direct aim at Drake. "Your life double-sided, two-faced like coins," Pharrell sings, further stirring the pot.

Whether he really targeted Drake, Pharrell himself is no stranger to diss tracks. He was also behind "Mr. Me Too" with Clipse, a track aimed at Drake's mentor, Lil Wayne, criticizing him for his lack of authenticity. This context makes the idea of Pharrell targeting Drake less surprising, if not inevitable.

Drake's own jabs at Pharrell on the 2023 Travis Scott (II) hit "Meltdown" add layers to this unfolding feud. Pharrell might be breaking his silence, and although there isn't concrete confirmation that Drake is the target of "Double Life," the breadcrumbs are hard to ignore. This clash between two of hip-hop's titans is far from over, ensuring that fans will eagerly watch the next moves in this elaborate game of musical chess.

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