Jason Kelce Slams Modern Country Music on Podcast
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On a recent episode of their podcast, Jason and Travis Kelce delved into the evolution of music genres, with Jason holding nothing back in his critique of today's country music.

AceShowbiz - The June 19 episode of the "New Heights" podcast saw a lively discussion between the Kelce brothers, Jason and Travis, focusing on the future of music and the present state of various genres. Jason Kelce, 36, who recently retired from the Philadelphia Eagles, shared his candid thoughts on modern country music, much to the interest of their listeners.

Jason kicked off the conversation by contemplating the music landscape of the future. "I feel like I can't go into the future because even trying to relate to, like, kids coming up now… I can't even think about kids 40 years from now. Like, this is gonna be weird," he said. This segued into his critique of today's music genres. "What's the music gonna be in 40 years?"

Specifically, Jason lamented the transformation of hip-hop and country music over the decades. "Hip-hop in the nineties and hip-hop in the eighties when it was done by, like, dudes that were living that life hits way different than, like, now when it's like auto-tune renditions," he noted.

He drew a parallel to country music, expressing frustration with the prevalent themes in contemporary tracks. "If I have to hear one more country song that's like, 'I got my boots in my truck going through the fields.' Like, what the f*** are we talking about? That's not country music. That's not country music."

He didn't mince words when he said, "Put on some f****** Willie Nelson. I am tired of country music and what it has become. It is horse****. Horse****."

Travis Kelce, 34, added a more measured perspective, noting that he enjoys some of the modern country music coming out. The brothers found common ground on artists like Chris Stapleton.

"Like, I can listen to modern country, and I can listen to, like, modern hip-hop when I'm out in the right environment," Jason conceded. "But listening to it to, like, really enjoy it, like Willie Nelson, to me, the way he wrote songs, like Chris Stapleton, obviously, right now."

Travis chimed in with praise for the enduring qualities of some musicians. "He's a super performer," he said of Stapleton. "That's what I'm saying. It's a band. When you're playing the music and got a voice like that, that's forever." Jason agreed, adding, "Tried and true."

The episode was not solely about music. They also touched on topics like the Chiefs' Super Bowl LVIII Championship ring typo, with Travis dismissing it as a trivial mistake. "We screwed up about something that means nothing," he said, considering the error as making the rings more unique.

Travis also shared his thoughts on his future in the NFL, assuring fans that retirement wasn't on the horizon yet. "I love playing this game at the highest level possible," he said. "The moment that I can't do that, I think that's when I'm just gonna be like, 'Alright. What am I doing this for?' "

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