Imagine Dragons Gives Fans 'Appealing Auditory Experience' on New Single 'Nice to Meet You'
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The pop rock band offers their listeners a new style on their latest single, which they release along with its accompanying music video featuring Dan Reynolds dancing.

AceShowbiz - Imagine Dragons may have put smiles on their devotees' faces with their new single. The pop rock band, which was formed in 2008, launched "Nice to Meet You" that features "appealing auditory experience."

On Friday, May 24, the band, which consists of lead singer Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee and drummer Daniel Platzman, unleashed their latest single on various music streaming platforms. In addition, they treated their fans to an official music video for the song.

On the track itself, Dan sings, "I was wandering up your street/ And I was really hopin' to meet ya/ But your girlfriend gonna delete my number, gone/ I was wonderin' how your weekend's been/ You wakin' up or you sleepin' in?/ Your girlfriend's gonna be leavin' soon or not?"

The vocalist goes on to rhyme, "What could ever go wrong?/ Sing your favorite song/ She could come along/ Oh yeah, yeah (Oh yeah, yeah)/ What could ever go wrong?/ Summer's never too long/ Our love's too strong/ Oh yeah, yeah (Oh yeah, yeah)."

In the visuals, Dan is documented having fun at a club while the rest of the band members are performing the song on a stage. He is filmed approaching a woman, who is talking to an unidentified man. He and the brunette beauty then walk hand-in-hand to the center of the club and dance together. The two perform complex choreography, attracting other guests' attention with their skills. Near the end of the clip, they hold hands and leave the venue.

After releasing the song and its accompanying MV, Imagine Dragons was showered with praise by many of their listeners. One in particular gushed, "Super fun song man, I love how imagine dragons has never been afraid to explore new sounds all while staying true to their indie rock roots, it makes for an incredible and appealing auditory experience."

Another chimed in, "I can't find a single Imagine Dragon song that sounds bad!! How freaking good this band amazes me. It's like a perfect rainbow everytime." A third praised, "The thing, which I love about IDis that they don't do the same thing every time, they always find a new style, a new sound and even a new genre."

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