Kid Cudi Jokes He's a 'Cyborg' as He Shows Broken Foot Post-Surgery

The 'Pursuit of Happiness' rapper pokes fun at himself as he shares X-rays of his broken foot to stress how 'real' his injury was after he jumped off stage at Coachella.

AceShowbiz - Kid Cudi continues to update his fans on his recovery following his injury at 2024 Coachella. Poking fun at himself, the singer/rapper said he's "a cyborg now" after undergoing surgery for his broken foot.

On Thursday, May 9, the 40-year-old took to his Instagram page to share X-rays of his broken foot post-surgery. The photos show a number of screws placed into the bone to hold the broken bone in proper position.

He also included a photo of him at the hospital. Looking in good spirits, he was all smiles while showing his foot wrapped in a new brace during what appeared to be a doctor's appointment.

In the caption, Cudi wrote, "Got my boot! The road to recovery has begun." He went on stressing, "Heres some xrays after the surgery, I wanted yall to see how real this s**t was. Im a cyborg now."

Cudi broke his foot while performing in week 2 of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio California. During his set on April 21, he was performing "Memories" when he tried to jump down from the stage to get closer to the audience.

However, he appeared to make a wrong landing as he looked hurt and wasn't able to get back on his feet. Cudi ended up being escorted off by two men as he was not able to put weight on his leg. The set, which was already well into its 40-minute run time, was ended early with one-and-a-half songs remaining in his allotted time.

After the show, Cudi took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to inform his fans the severity of his injury. "Hey guys, so I broke my foot today at the show. just leavin the hospital. Never broken a bone before so this is all a bit crazy," he wrote.

"I wanna thank u all for ur concerns and well wishes! I love yall man," the "Erase Me" emcee added. To some disappointed fans, he said, "I heard yall still ragin when I was offstage. Made me smile big."

One day later, the hip-hop artist said in a video, "This is what happens when a 40-year-old man tries to prance around onstage like he's 26 like he used to do back in the day." He went on declaring there will be "no more prancing around, jumping off stages."

Due to the injury, Cudi was forced to cancel his "Insano: Engage the Rage World Tour", which was scheduled to begin on June 28. "Guys, so I have a broken calcaneus. I'm headed to surgery now and there's gonna be a long recovery time," he announced on April 24.

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