Ben Affleck Seen Without Wedding Ring Again, Jennifer Garner Visits His House Amid J.Lo Split Rumors
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As rumors swirl around their love lives, Jennifer Garner's recent visit to former husband Ben Affleck's home adds fuel to the fire of speculation about his marriage with Jennifer Lopez.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Garner was spotted visiting the house her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, has been residing in Brentwood, Los Angeles amid conversations about the current status of Affleck's marriage with singer Jennifer Lopez. The sighting follows the growing buzz around potential trouble in paradise for "Bennifer".

The "Elektra" actress, 52, arrived alone in her sleek black BMW i7 sedan, noticeably without their three children: Violet, 18, Fin, 15, and Samuel, 12. She was captured maneuvering her car into Affleck's driveway and keying in the passcode to enter the gates, all while bundled up in a black hoodie. Garner's demeanor seemed upbeat, despite the swirling speculation.

This visit comes on the heels of another family moment where Garner and Affleck reunited at their son Samuel's basketball game in Santa Monica. Notably absent from the event was Lopez, further fueling the rumors of a separation as the couple hadn't been seen together for over six weeks.

Sources mention that earlier on Saturday, May 18, as Affleck was setting out to meet Garner and their kids, he was conspicuously without his wedding ring.

Reports have surfaced indicating that Affleck, 52, and his wife JLo, 54, might be "living separately." An insider revealed to Us Weekly that Affleck moved out of their $60 million LA home "several weeks ago." Additionally, the couple did not celebrate Mother's Day together, adding more weight to the divorce rumors.

Fans have taken note of their recent solo appearances and liked social media posts hinting at relationship strife. Despite claims of the couple experiencing a rough time, another insider insists they are merely facing issues but have not yet split. Allegedly, these marital difficulties began when Lopez intensified her work commitments and tour preparations.

The pair reunited for the first time publicly in seven weeks at a school production for Affleck's child, putting on a united front despite the escalating divorce speculations. Following the reunion which lacked of their usual PDAs, Affleck has been captured out in public without his wedding ring while authoritative sources report Lopez was seen leaving a studio, continuing her daily activities solo.

The relationship between Garner and Affleck remains amicable, with their co-parenting duties bringing them together frequently. As for "Bennifer", the eyes of fans and media are keenly watching every movement to gauge the future of their high-profile relationship.

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