Ashanti Reacts to Nelly's Joke About Her Pregnancy Weight Gain
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Nelly and Ashanti share their journey towards parenthood and engagement, showing the dynamics of their relationship in a back and forth on social media.

AceShowbiz - In the glamorous world of hip-hop and R&B, few stories resonate with the charm and warmth akin to that of Nelly and Ashanti, but his recent joke might not be to her taste. The couple, whose love story has captivated fans for years, recently took to social media to share a glimpse into their relationship's dynamics.

The journey towards parenthood has been a public affair for the couple, with both stars using their platforms to express their joy and eagerness for the arrival of their first child. Nelly's attempt at humor, playfully hinting at the discomfort of Ashanti sitting on his knee due to her pregnancy weight gain, sparked back and forth between the two.

"Of course not beautiful I'm fine..!! Luv u2 @ashanti," he posted while sharing the said picture on Instagram Story. Ashanti was quick to respond, "Lmaoooooo!!!! Babe!!!!...Ima knock u out!!!!!!" followed by Nelly's reassurance, "To me you still the same size you were in 2005..!!" She replied, "Lmfaoooooooo!!!! Lemme go pull out these bikini shots from 05!!!"

Ashanti reacts to Nely's jokes about her pregnancy

Ashanti reacts to Nely's joke about her pregnancy

This exchange comes amid their confirmation of expecting a child and an engagement, bringing immense joy and anticipation to their lives. In an endearing moment of revelation, Ashanti announced her pregnancy through a creative skit. "Uh, I'm gonna need about nine months," Ashanti quipped in the video, confirming the rumors that had swirled around for some time.

Their story, shared with candor and love, serves as a beacon of happiness in the often scrutinized world of celebrity relationships.

As Nelly and Ashanti prepare for motherhood and further commitment to each other, their journey remains a heartfelt narrative of love, hope, and the joy of sharing life's most precious moments with the world. Their relationship, underscored by genuine affection and humor, continues to inspire and entertain, reminding fans of the beauty in life's simplicity and the strength found in love.

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