Meghan Trainor Embraces Self-Love on New Single 'Made You Look'

The track arrives with its colorful music video, which features an appearance from Meghan's husband, Daryl Sabara, who sits behind the wheel while his singer wife sits on the hood of a bright pink convertible.

AceShowbiz - Meghan Trainor is back with a new self-love anthem called "Made You Look". The singer released the song on Friday, October 21 along with its visuals, which features an appearance from her husband, Daryl Sabara.

In the colorful music video, Daryl sits behind the wheel while his singer wife sits on the hood of a bright pink convertible. Also making cameos in the clip are influencers like Drew Afualo, Chris Olsen, Scott Hoying and even JoJo Siwa.

"When I do my walk, walk/ I can guarantee your jaw will drop, drop/ 'Cause they don't make a lot of what I got, got/ Ladies if you feel me, this your bop, bop," Meghan sings. "I could have my Gucci on/ I could wear my Louis Vuitton/ But even with nothing on/ Bet I made you look."

Speaking of the track, Meghan said in a statement, "After having a baby, I struggled really hard to feel sexy. I actually wrote this song when I was a**-naked singing the chorus in the shower." She added, "I can wear all of these gorgeous things, but I look better without all of that s**t on. I wrote a self-love anthem for myself. Even though you had a baby, went through it, and your body shows it, you're still sexy."

Meghan previously divulged that she's struggling to love herself after giving birth to 1-year-old son Riley. "The first song I wrote after giving birth ... I mean, after having a C-section with my stretch marks, I was feeling extra, like, not loving myself," shared Meghan, who just released a new album called "Takin' It Back" on Friday.

"I was heavier than I've ever been and I was just super lost," the musician further shared. "The first song I wrote is called 'Remind Me' and it's about how my husband reminds me who I once was and then how beautiful he thinks I am and I see a lot of that in this album."

Meghan admitted that motherhood and her post-pregnancy struggles have taught her a lot about herself. She told MailOnline, "I can handle a lot more than I thought. I'm way stronger than I thought I was. I always say, 'Well, if I got through that C-section, I can do anything!' "

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