Cardi B Fixes Botched Boob Job, Looks Like 'a Porn Star' Now

Rumor has it that the 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker recently went under the knife to fix her 'uneven' breasts.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B has reportedly got another plastic surgery to enhance her physical appearance. The mother of one, who often posts photos of her sexy looks on Instagram, has been relatively quiet on social media lately because she's recovering from a recent surgery, according to MTO News.

One of the rapper's pals tells the site that the "I Like It" hitmaker recently went under the knife to fix her previously botched breast augmentation. The 26-year-old star reportedly had "uneven" and "hard" breasts and "her nipples were cockeyed" before the recent surgery.

The latest operation was reportedly successful and now Cardi's breasts allegedly look better than normal. The source claims that the Bronx femcee's new boobs look "perfect like a porn star."

Cardi has never been shy about her fixation with plastic surgery. She once admitted to having had breast and butt enhancement surgery to make her look more physically attractive. "When I was a dancer, I spent a lot of money to look good. To look like an illusion. The strip club is a fantasy. When guys come, they don't want to see girls that look like their cousins, they want that illusion," she said of her stripper past.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper also opened up about her desire to get plastic surgeries to fix some parts of her body after giving birth to her daughter Kulture. Complaining about post-baby body, she said in an Instagram Live video back in August 2018, "But I need to do my titties ASAP. They keep getting lower and lower," she shared. "Now that I had a baby, I really don't like how they look. So I might get breast surgery and I might get some f**king lipo..." At the time, however, she was unsure when she would have the surgeries.

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