This Is How Justin Bieber Responds to Shawn Mendes 'Liking' Hailey Baldwin's Instagram Pic

Meanwhile, the Biebz has been showing his love for his model wife by posting endless photos of the model on his Instagram account.

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber doesn't have time for another drama in his life. That's why, when he sees a possible drama that involves his wife Hailey Baldwin and her former flame Shawn Mendes arising before his eyes, the "Despacito" hitmaker is quick to handle it before it goes out of hand.

Fans noticed that Shawn, who was rumored to be dating Hailey prior to her marriage to Justin, double tapped one of Justin's photos of Hailey. Unsurprisingly, that led to an Instagram firestorm as one fan account shared a screenshot of the "Stitches" singer's online activity.

Justin, however, attempted to stop things before fans could stir up any drama between the three of them. The Canadian heartthrob left a comment on the post, "Their [sic] friends relax."

His comment further drove fans crazy as they were not expecting him to appear on the comment section at all. "wait ! how did you find out this post," one user wrote while tagging Justin's account. Another user added, "yeahh she is ALL YOURS, JUSTIN.. NO NEED TO WORRY.. SHE IS A BIEBER NOW!"

One other suggested Justin to just not mind online trolls. "babe you don't have to to defend anything. it's all your business and your business only. people still gunna talk no matter what it's about," the person wrote. Meanwhile, instead of talking about the three's relationship, most of people in the comment section focused more on the Biebz's grammatical error as they corrected him by writing, "it's 'they're.' "

Following their secret legal marriage in late last year, Justin and Hailey have been unseparable. The 25-year-old singer has been showing his love for his model wife by posting endless photos of the model on his Instagram account.

His adorable action surely caught the attention of Hailey herself. The 22-year-old beauty seemingly was embarrased by all of Justin's gushing as she left an emoji of a monkey covering its eyes in the comment section in one of the photos that Justin posted. Justin's mom Pattie Mallette was also among the commenter as she used the heart eye emoji in her comment.

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