Tamar Braxton Clarifies She's Not Trolling Saweetie Over Her LongNails

The singer and reality TV star immediately explains her Instagram comment over her playful reaction to the 'Best Friend' hitmaker's extremely long nails.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton is not going to let anyone twist her intention. The singer immediately clarified her Instagram comment after she appeared to troll Saweetie with her playful reaction to the femcee's extremely long nails.

The drama started on Sunday, September 24 after The Shade Room posted on the photo-sharing platform a screenshot of Tamar's comment underneath a video of the "Best Friend" raptress eating a burger. "So beautiful but the nails .. It's giving Edward scissor hands!!" the "All the Way Home" wrote in the comment. "Sister how do u wipe your a**? I love you but someone asked me to ask you."

After the comment went viral, it didn't take long for Tamar to set the record straight. "t was a joke Jesus!!! Y'all gotta stop seriously," the "Braxton Family Values" alum said underneath the Instagram blog's post. She additionally prevented people from creating an imaginary beef between them as she stressed, "I love this lady in real life!!"

While Tamar didn't mean to troll Saweetie, Internet users found her question hilarious and relatable. "Naw technically we all asked...we all wanna know how?" one said. "Ok but it is giving Edward scissor hands tho. No lie detected," another commented.

Someone else joked, "These nails are getting out of hand..no pun intended lol." A fan additionally defended Tamar by saying, "You can't say anything to anybody without a bunch of people making it serious. The girl was joking geez!"

Meanwhile, some others came at Tamar for being messy. "Behind every 'joke' is some truth! Whewww I'm so tired of these women 'joking' passive aggressively! Because when I 'joke' I be real hilarious," one critic noted.

"i don't understand why it's so hard to comprehend that us long nail girlies can fully function with long nails… we get it yall don't wear them or like them. it's not rocket science," one person said. Another penned, "Tamar always starting something and then acting confused when people respond."

Saweetie, meanwhile, has yet to respond to Tamar's question.

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