Slim Thug Apologizes to Cassie After Footage of Diddy Assaulting Her in 2016 Surfaces

The Houston native, who previously accused Cassie of cash grab, expresses his remorse after a newly released video shows Puff chasing the singer down a hallway at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City before hitting her.

AceShowbiz - Slim Thug was among the artists who were stunned by a newly-released video of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs assaulting Cassie in 2016. After the footage went viral, the "Still Tippin" rapper apologized to the singer through Instagram.

On Friday, May 17, the emcee shared a screenshot of an article about the said clip. In the caption, he wrote, "Damn Diddy. I tried to ride with the Blk man who had no charges yet but I can't stand behind this. I'll take this L."

"But I still will ride with my ppl until I see some sort of proof I don't believe in blogs or civil suits," he added. "Apologies to Cassie and whoever else was on the right side this time."

Slim Thug previously accused Cassie of cash grab by launching legal action against Puff last year. "What happened was you get around them motherf**kers stand up on love s**t. That's what happened. Let me tell you what always happens. You was f**king with a billionaire with all this bread all this time, and then you went and followed your heart to f**k with a trainer," he said, referring to Cassie's husband Alex Fine.

"That motherf**king apartment got smaller than a b***h. That lifestyle fell off, now it's struggle time," the Houston native continued. "The love wearing out, and now you're trying to come up with ways to figure out how to get paid."

Thug went on to attack women who wait years to drop a tell-all memoir. " 'Now, I'm healed and I can talk about. I want to expose n***as in my book.' You did that. You participated. You ain't say rape or nothing. You did that, so stand on that, man. Quit trying to expose people for money. What the f**k, nah?" he asserted.

Aside from Slim Thug, many celebrities called out Diddy after CNN released a video of him chasing Cassie down a hallway at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City. As Cassie attempted to enter an elevator, Diddy, who only covered himself with a towel, was seen hitting her.

Emily Ratajkowski dubbed Diddy a "monster" in response to the assault, while Aubrey O'Day, Diddy's former protege, pointed out the disturbing nature of the footage and offered prayers for all of Diddy's victims. Diddy's longtime rival, 50 Cent, in the meantime, sarcastically wrote, "Now I'm sure puffy didn't do it, he is innocent this proves nothing! This is what his lawyers are gonna say, God help us all."

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