Slim Thug Apologizes for Calling Bill Cosby Innocent When Addressing Cassie and Diddy's Rape Lawsuit
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The Houston rapper, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas, previously accused Cassie of cash grab by launching legal action against the Bad Boy Records founder.

AceShowbiz - Slim Thug came under fire for suggesting Bill Cosby is innocent when weighing in on Cassie and Sean P. Diddy Combs' short-lived legal war. Having faced backlash over his comments, the "Still Tippin" rapper took to social media to issue a public apology.

"That was my personal opinion. I'm sorry we don't agree on everything, I can still take you to Starbucks and buy you a drink, we can chop it up, I don't hate nobody, I don't even hate Cassie," the 43-year-old said during an Instagram Live. "I didn't want this to go worldwide… I didn't even know Cassie was Black… I just give y'all opinion, end of the day if I say something wrong correct me, tell me, I ain't that small-minded."

Prior to expressing his remorse, Thug argued, "I don't agree with coming back and getting Bill Cosby. Coming back and getting Puff. I don't believe in that, man. When s**t go down, speak on that s**t right then. Or else it's out of there." He added, "It should be null and void. You shouldn't even have no type of nothing. You shouldn't be able to do s**t, unless you motherf**king let the people know what happened immediately. It should be a time limit on this s**t."

The Houston native also accused Cassie of cash grab by launching legal action against Puff. "What happened was you get around them motherf**kers stand up on love s**t. That's what happened. Let me tell you what always happens. You was f**king with a billionaire with all this bread all this time, and then you went and followed your heart to f**k with a trainer," he said, referring to Cassie's husband Alex Fine. "That motherf**king apartment got smaller than a b***h. That lifestyle fell off, now it's struggle time. The love wearing out, and now you're trying to come up with ways to figure out how to get paid."

Thug went on to attack women who wait years to drop a tell-all memoir. " 'Now, I'm healed and I can talk about. I want to expose n***as in my book.' You did that. You participated. You ain't say rape or nothing. You did that, so stand on that, man. Quit trying to expose people for money. What the f**k, nah?" he asserted. "That apartment got small [with] you and that dude you left for love. You let your homegirls hype you up when you was f**king with him, and let them hype you up to tell you, 'Girl, he treating you bad. He cheating on you. He messing with them girls. Don't let him embarrass you like that.' "

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