Billie Eilish Spotted Vibing to Kendrick Lamar's Drake Diss Track 'Not Like Us'

A staunch defender of Drake in the past, the 'bad guy' hitmaker raises eyebrows after she was caught on camera partying to Kendrick Lamar's chart-topping Drake diss track 'Not Like Us'.

AceShowbiz - Billie Eilish, fresh off the release of her new album "Hit Me Hard and Soft," has unintentionally found herself entwined in the ongoing beef between rap titans Drake and Kendrick Lamar. In a recent viral video circulating on social media, Eilish, 22, can be seen dancing and singing along to Lamar's infectious diss track "Not Like Us," which recently debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The video, which began making rounds on Saturday (May 18), was likely shot during one of Eilish's album listening parties held in New York and Los Angeles.

The "What Was I Made For?" singer's latest work is her third studio album, produced by her brother and long-term collaborator Finneas, adding to her already impressive discography. Eilish expressed a deep personal connection to the album process, telling Rolling Stone, "This whole process has felt like I'm coming back to the girl that I was. I've been grieving her."

Interestingly, the clip of Eilish vibing to "Not Like Us" generated buzz not just because of the catchy track but due to the complex history between her and Drake. Eilish previously addressed the scrutiny over her texting relationship with Drake when she was underage, defending him against accusations of inappropriate behavior.

"The Internet is such a stupid-a** mess right now," she told Vogue. "Everybody's so sensitive. A grown man can't be a fan of an artist? There are so many people that the Internet should be more worried about."

This new development brings a fresh layer of context to the ongoing feud. Lamar's "Not Like Us," produced by Mustard, doesn't pull any punches and has captivated audiences with its sharp verses accusing Drake of preying on underage girls. With the song debuting at No. 1 and continuing to impress both critically and commercially, its impact is felt industry-wide, prompting various reactions.

While it's unlikely we will hear explicit comments from Eilish regarding her stance on the Lamar-Drake beef, her presence in the clip has already fueled fan theories and discussions. As we observe how the music industry and fans navigate this high-profile beef, it's apparent that songs like "Not Like Us" will continue to shape conversations and careers moving forward.

For now, fans can enjoy Eilish's new album "Hit Me Hard and Soft" while contemplating the ripple effects of these ongoing rap feuds.

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