Billie Eilish Launches Fun Music Video for 'LUNCH'

The 'What Was I Made For?' songstress treats her listeners to 'LUNCH' official visuals, in which she is documented putting a cherry inside her mouth and playing cards.

AceShowbiz - Billie Eilish has released the music video for one of her newly-released songs. The "What Was I Made For?" songstress treated her listeners to the official visuals of "LUNCH", which is featured in her third studio album.

On Friday, May 17, the 22-year-old Oscar-winning songstress launched the fun music video on YouTube. In the beginning of the 3-minute clip, it can be seen that she is dancing in front of a white backdrop while walking towards the camera.

While moving her hands, Billie sings, "I could eat that girl for lunch/ Yeah, she dances on my tongue/ Tastes like she might be the one/ And I could never get enough/ I could buy her so much stuff/ It's a craving, not a crush, huh."

As the video transitions to Billie sporting a short-sleeved red-and-blue stripe top, she rhymes, " 'Call me when you're there'/ Said, 'I bought you somethin' rare/ And I left it under 'Claire' '/ So now, she's comin' up the stairs/ So I'm pullin' up a chair/ And I'm puttin' up my hair."

At one point, Billie is documented putting a cherry inside her mouth and playing cards as well as dice. She continues, "Baby, I think you were made for me/ Somebody write down the recipe/ Been tryin' hard not to overeat/ You're just so sweet."

As she jumps, the younger sister of musician FINNEAS adds, "I'll run a shower for you like you want/ Clothеs on the counter for you, try 'em on/ If I'm allowеd, I'll help you take 'em off/ Huh."

After releasing the song and its accompanying music video, Billie's track was deemed a "the queer girl anthem of the summer" by her listener. Making use of X, formerly known as Twitter, one in particular wrote, "I did not expect Billie Eilish to drop the queer girl anthem of the summer." Similarly, another chimed in, "Lunch by Billie is the new gay anthem."

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