Zayn Malik Seemingly Opens Up on Tumultuous Relationship With Gigi Hadid in His New Song

In his latest musical endeavor titled 'Room Under the Stairs', Zayn Malik opens up about the complexities of past relationships and the emotional landscapes they evoked.

AceShowbiz - Zayn Malik's fourth studio album, "Room Under the Stairs," is officially out, and fans suspect it sheds light on his tumultuous relationship with ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid and their daughter, Khai.

One particularly poignant track, "Shoot at Will," has listeners speculating about its inspiration. Malik, 31, sings, "When I look at her, all I see is you / When you look at her, do you see me too?" seemingly referencing Hadid, 29, and their 3-year-old daughter.

The emotional resonance of the song led one fan to use the lyrics as a TikTok soundtrack featuring photos of Malik, Hadid, and Khai. Another fan described the song on X as "Zayn's closure in regards to that relationship," capturing the essence of Malik's perspective during the ups and downs of the past few years.

Malik and Hadid's relationship has been a rollercoaster since it began in 2015. They welcomed Khai in September 2020, marking a joyful chapter in their lives. However, their relationship faced a significant setback in 2021 after an incident involving Gigi's mother, Yolanda Hadid.

Malik was charged with four criminal harassment offenses, eventually pleading no contest and being ordered to serve a 360-day probation along with mandatory anger management and domestic violence programs.

In "Shoot At Will," Malik expresses lingering feelings for a former love, singing in the bridge, "Does it not occur to you? / Do you not prefer the truth? / I was in love with you / Though I didn't show the proof."

The candidness continues in the second verse, "I hold my hands up for the firing squad / And if you want, you can take it all / I don't really know, I can't give no more / Shoot at will / Because she shoots to kill, yeah / And I'm dyin' inside."

On an episode of "The Zach Sang Show", Malik reflected on his past romance with Hadid, admitting, "I don't know if I've actually truly been in love at this point." He noted that another song from the album, "Alienated," was penned "towards the end" of a prior relationship.

Despite their separation, Malik and Hadid share a strong bond with their daughter, Khai. Malik revealed in an interview with Nylon that he wished for more custody time with Khai, stating, "We go see Disney on Ice or we go see the Nickelodeon theme park. Or we got to the beach. That's how I get out." This sentiment underscores the joy and fulfillment Malik finds in fatherhood.

"Room Under the Stairs" not only showcases Malik's musical talents but also offers a raw and introspective look into his personal life, resonating deeply with fans who have followed his journey.

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