Blueface Insists He Is Not Gay After Male TikToker Falsely Claims They Were Dating
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The Los Angeles rapper offers clarification after drag queen Cole Carrigan dropped some alleged receipts, including a screenshot of his DMs, where the Los Angeles rapper allegedly slid into.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has shut down a male TikToker's claims saying they were in a relationship. When addressing the matter, the "Thotiana" rapper insisted that he isn't gay.

The 26-year-old set the record straight on his sexuality via X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, September 9. "I have no interest in going after the LGBTQ if they don't hold each other accountable for things like this seeing how they come together for everything else that's on their community as a whole," he wrote. "I'm not homophobic nor gay."

In another tweet, Blueface noted that he isn't suing "nobody for no defamation if y'all believe that….that's on you." He went on to elaborate, "this **t is all entertainment for me literally every time I open these apps I separate my reality from this virtual world where everyone is pretending an lying for likes an approvals iam the TRUTH."

Blueface's clarification came after drag queen Cole Carrigan dropped some alleged receipts. They included a screenshot of his DMs, where the Los Angeles rapper allegedly slid into after noticing Cole online.

"Speaking of Blue Cheese - I mean Blueface - all this chit-chat got me thinking about the time I posted these pictures on Instagram a couple months ago," the influencer said. "I wasn't gonna go there, but babe, I'm bored."

Cole also unleashed a video showing him kissing a man's stomach full of tattoos. However, fans quickly noticed that it wasn't Blueface ink. Cole later admitted, "Okay, okay, maybe I ran with it a little bit... Some call it lying. But I call it entertainment.

Blueface's mom, Karlissa Saffold, also reacted to the situation. "If any one of my kids was gay or by, I'd pull them MF out the closet before you could blink, they definitely wouldn't be in the closet because I wouldn't let them," she wrote on Instagram Story.

"We stand on our sh*t no matter who like it or who don't. They momma was a stud what the F they look like hiding from the world," she added. "Stop using the community to try and shame people. They aren't a disease."

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