'The Bachelor' Recap: Zach Shallcross Shocked After One Woman Opens Up About This

The new episode of the long-running ABC show sees the leading man going on a date with his remaining twenty women so they have 'the chance to take the next step on their journeys to potential love.'

AceShowbiz - Zach Shallcross continued his love journey in a new episode of "The Bachelor" season 27. The new outing, which aired on Monday, January 30, saw the leading man going on a date with his remaining twenty women so they had "the chance to take the next step on their journeys to potential love."

During the first group date, the women were challenged to channel their inner "bad b***h energy" by rapper Latto (Mulatto). The musician also brought in a few more ladies, Victoria, Tahzjuan and Courtney, to help stir the pot and help Zach find his baddie.

The ladies had to put on a show on the runway. Later, they gathered to talk about their worst moments before Latto announced they were all baddies.

At the afterparty, Zach took time to talk to them one on one. Zach first talked to Katherine, who went in for a kiss and Zach reciprocated. Zach then had some time alone with Brianna. Brianna used the opportunity to erase her doubt as she decided to kiss the life out of Zach.

Zach then invited Christina Mandrell to a solo date. When Zach was still talking to everyone on the group date, Tahzjuan, who was only supposed to join the session with Latto, decided to crash the afterparty. She even kicked out the woman whom Zach was talking to, much to Zach's surprise.

Unsurprisingly, the other women confronted Tahzjuan. When asked about her real intention, she told them that she didn't think they could be Zach's future wife. It made the ladies feel threatened, but Zach thought that what Tahzjuan did was unfair to the other ladies. He asked her to leave.

It was time for Zach to give out the group date rose. He presented it to Katherine, and Brianna was hurt because he shared a kiss with her too.

Later, he went on his first one-on-one date with Christina. The pair took a drive before taking a helicopter ride. Things got personal as Zach invited Christina to meet his family.

They were having a barbeque and playing games. Zach's mom even showed Christina some baby pictures of him. The date went well until Christina revealed that she has a young daughter named Blakely May.

While Zach shared that he did want kids, he thought that he might not be ready to become anyone's step-dad. At the end of the date, Zach gave Christina a rose, though he told her that he needed time to take everything in.

For the second group date, Zach and the ladies enjoyed whiskey in an abandoned backyard. During the date, Jess and Zach bonded after he opened up about being diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. They kissed and he gave her the group date rose.

Later, Brianna confronted Christina after the latter said that her dress on Night One was too pretty. Christina apologized, but Brianna still brought up the comment to Zach. But he told Brianna to handle this in-house. He also told her that their conversations haven't felt fun.

It was time for Rose Ceremony. Zach gave the roses to Brooklyn, Genevie, Greer, Aly, Charity, Kaity, Gabi, Ariel, Anastasia, Kylie, Davia, Mercedes, Bailey and Brianna. Cat, Victoria J. and Kimberly were sadly eliminated.

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