'The Bachelor' Recap: Joey Picks Final Two, Rachel Addresses Racist Message on 'Women Tell All'

The new outing features 'The Women Tell All' and picks up what was previously left where Joey Grazidei melted down after receiving a note from Kelsey Anderson.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" returned with a new episode on Monday, March 18. The new outing featured "The Women Tell All" and picked up what was previously left where Joey Grazidei melted down after receiving a note from Kelsey Anderson which read, "We need to talk."

During the "Women Tell All" Joey met his exes for the first time. The first lady to be put on the Hot Seat was Jenn, who claimed that she was hurt when Joey sent her home. "I think it was the fact that I didn't really get a goodbye - that was hurtful" Jenn told host Jesse Palmer.

Later, the other ladies went after Lea as Madina confronted her about her interaction with Sydney. "I think that honestly, you owe me an apology," Madina told Lea. The outing also saw Jesse addressed the accusations that Maria told Lea to "shut the f**k up." Lauren eventually took the blame, saying that she was the one to tell her to shut up.

During a commercial break, Lea left the stage in tears. Jesse then went backstage, where he found Lea sobbing. He tried to comfort her with a hug. Maria also hugged Lea when she returned to the stage.

The women continued to discuss why Madina and Sydney labeled Maria a bully. "Bully was not the right word," Madina said. "I felt backed into a corner because Maria wanted to know badly who said this comment. At the other end, I had Sydney saying, 'Do not tell who said this.' It did feel like, it felt like two pitbulls fighting."

Lexi also talked about her differing ideas on kids with Joey. "That decision was not easy for me to make, but I knew that it was only fair to myself and to him at that moment to leave," Lexi said. "I'm so ready to meet my person. Joey has set an extremely high bar for what I'm looking for in my next relationship."

At one point, they discussed Maria's fallout with Sydney. "I was annoying," Sydney reflected, "I watched it back. Like, I was annoying. It was so cringey." Sydney then added, "I don't blame you for any of it. I think that moving forward I should've been more resolution-oriented instead of pointing the finger at you."

Lea apologized to Maria, too. "I don't think I ever got the opportunity to know you for you outside of the conflict," Leah said. "And for that I am so sorry."

Back to the Fantasy Suites, Joey and Kelsey could be seen chatting after he got the note. "We made a promise to each other about, like, you know, being honest to each other about communicating our feelings and communication in general," Kelsey told him. "And I know how important all that is. I just wanted you to know exactly how I feel about it all."

"I just really wanted to verbalize that it's hard not seeing you and the days in between are always so hard. All these feelings of, like, missing [you] and wondering. … I just want to tell you how much I miss you when you aren't there," she continued. As Joey let out a big sigh, Kelsey added, "I'm sorry. … Joey, you OK?"

Joey admitted that he was "confused" and "scared" by Kelsey's note. In a confessional, Kelsey said, "It wasn't my intention to feel scared or have any stress, but he looks like he's about to cry."

At the next rose ceremony, Joey gave Kelsey A. a rose despite the drama. He then presented the final rose to Daisy, meaning that Rachel was eliminated.

In the studio, Rachel got emotional when she talked about how their relationship ended with Joey. She additionally talked about the racist messages she received from viewers on social media after her hometown date episode aired.

"As soon as the episode aired, a lot of like, racist comments towards me and calling me the n-word or 'Jungle Asian' all because I got a rose," Rachel revealed. "It's just been very frustrating."

Rachel added that the comments hurt her parents. "They really enjoyed the hometown episode and then for them to see people, you know, attacking our culture and attacking me," she added. "I've been in this scenario before, but this is like, a whole new level. It's hundreds of people messaging me stuff like … or people have made TikToks of them throwing up when we're kissing. It's just insane."

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