'The Bachelor' Recap: Joey Gradizei Faces 'Nightmare' Following Fantasy Suite Dates

In the new episode, Joey brings the remaining three women, Kelsey Anderson, Daisy Kent and Rachel Nance, to Tulum, Mexico for the dates, one of which takes a hurtful turn.

AceShowbiz - It's time for Fantasy Suite dates in a new episode of "The Bachelor". Airing on Monday, March 11, the episode saw Joey Grazidei bringing the remaining three women, Kelsey Anderson, Daisy Kent and Rachel Nance, to Tulum, Mexico for the dates.

Kicking off the episode, Joey and Rachel went cliff jumping. However, the date quickly took a shocking turn when Rachel nearly broke her jaw. Joey called the freaky accident the "worst-case scenario."

Thankfully, Rachel went on to get cleared for the rest of their date at the hospital. Despite that, Rachel couldn't help but feel bad for "ruining" their date.

Later during their date, she got emotional while talking about how she was cheated on in her two past relationships. Joey then invited Rachel to the Fantasy Suites and she said yes. "I'm so excited to finally just enjoy my time with him and share that I love him," Rachel said, while Joey gushed over his "unspoken connection" with Rachel.

"Golden Bachelor" alum Leslie Fhima then appeared to give some advice to Kelsey. Leslie told Kelsey to protect herself because looking back on her experience, she was confident that Gerry Turner would pick her but as everyone knew, he ultimately ended up with Theresa Nist.

During her date with Joey, Kelsey told him about what Leslie told her before their date. In response to that, Joey said that he was also "100 percent sure" that "The Bachelorette" alum Charity Lawson would choose him, but she didn't. Kelsey then told Joey that she's in love with him, and Joey said that he's been waiting for this moment to come.

"I have wanted to express to you where my feelings are at, but, like, I can be closed off sometimes and I can hold back because they are scary feelings to share. But I haven't had a doubt about how I'd felt about you for a very long time. Like, I'm falling in love with you, fully," Joey said. "I've felt it for a while and I'm so excited about what can be and what can happen between us. … I've wanted to say it to you for a while. And to hear it now? I'm not waiting any longer and I wanted to let you know I am falling in love with you and I know how real it is."

Unsurprisingly, Joey and Kelsey enjoyed the Fantasy Suite together. As they enjoyed breakfast the next morning, Kelsey said, "I feel like everything just feels so pure and right." Joey added, "Waking up this morning, I feel like I can't stop smiling."

As for his date with Daisy, Joey took her to ATV ride in the mud. Daisy told Joey that he changed her life, and Joey admitted to Daisy that he's been holding back because he's scared. "I am falling in love with you and it has been building for a while," he shared.

Meanwhile, Kelsey was questioning where she stood with Joey as Leslie's words were still in her mind. She then decided to leave a note, telling Joey that they needed to talk, in his room. Joey was visibly shaken after discovering the note. "I don't want her to leave, I want her to be here," he said. "I'm so done with this. This is like my worst nightmare."

Viewers will only find out what happens next in the next episode.

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