Hilarie Burton Recalled Crying in Trailer Over Uncomfortable Intimate Scenes on 'One Tree Hil'
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During a new episode of her 'Drama Queens' podcast, the actress known for her portrayal of Peyton Sawyer recalls getting through the ordeal with the support of her female co-stars and crew.

AceShowbiz - Hilarie Burton was so upset about her treatment on the set of hit TV series "One Tree Hill", she'd often lock herself in her trailer and sob for hours.

The actress, who played Peyton Sawyer on the beloved show, admits she particularly struggled with intimate scenes with co-star Chad Michael Murray.

During a new episode of her "Drama Queens" podcast, she revealed she was instructed to undress Chad while they kissed in one scene.

"Chad was cool to leave a white tank top on underneath his button-up shirt so I wasn't just kissing his bare body because that's weird," she said. "I was so whacked out about it. They wanted me kissing all the way down his body, down to his belt. I don't know that you see it, but I had to undo his belt."

She told the episode's director she felt uncomfortable doing multiple takes, but her concerns were ignored.

"I was, like, crying in my trailer," she recalled. "I'm like, 'I don't want to do this. It feels dirty. It feels like they're trying to sex everything up.' "

"I felt like a prostitute. It was the first moment that I was, like, 'I'm kissing someone for money. I'm getting paid to do this, like, performative [thing].' There's a morality thing where you're like, 'Am I a sex worker in a way? Is this OnlyFans in 2003?' "

But Hilarie got through it with the support of her fellow co-stars and crew members.

"All the women in the trailer got together and they're like, 'You may feel like you're in this all by yourself, but we are here. We are standing right behind the monitor. Cheers to you being a bad**s, kiddo.' We all did this shot together. It was such a moment of sisterhood that really solidified my friendships behind the camera, because I knew that we were going to continue to do stuff that felt weird."

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