Kylie Jenner Attracts Complaints With Revelation of Kylie Cosmetics' Black Employees Percentage

As part of the Pull Up for Change initiative started by UOMA Beauty founder Sharon Chuter, the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star discloses that 13 per cent of her staff are black.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner is facing backlash for the lack of diversity among her Kylie Cosmetics employees - after revealing only 13 per cent of her staff are black.

The millionaire entrepreneur joined dozens of beauty brands on Sunday (June 07) when she disclosed the number of black employees at her company as part of the Pull Up for Change initiative started by Sharon Chuter, the CEO and founder of UOMA Beauty.

In a post on Instagram, Kylie Cosmetics noted its employees are 13 per cent black, 47 per cent black, indigenous and people of colour and 53 per white and 100 per cent are women-identifying.

"We are proud of the diversity within our company... As our team grows we commit to a continued focus on ethnic diversity in the workplace and the recruitment of black employees."

However, commenters were quick to call out Kylie, who shares a biracial daughter with rapper Travis Scott (II), for the low number of employees who identify as black.

"13 per cent?" exclaimed one commenter. "Hire more. 13 per cent is not enough when African Americans set the trends and standards in the beauty industry," someone else wrote.

"Only 13 per cent black? Damn. Also only all being women identifying isn't that progressive," added another. "How about some non binary/trans folks?"

Other comments called out how few black models are featured on the beauty brand's Instagram page, and noted Kylie and her reality star sisters' reputation for culturally appropriating hairstyles typically worn by black women, such as braids and cornrows.

Explaining her campaign, Chuter told Forbes that if brands really want to drive change, they must turn their solidarity into action within their own companies.

"Let's stop talking about it. Talk is cheap. You can't say Black lives matter if you don't have any Black employees in your office," she said.

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