Ariel Winter Dubs Hate Tweets 'Hurtful' Following GoFundMe Tweet for Sick Cousin

The Alex Dunphy depicter on 'Modern Family' was previously dragged on Twitter for linking a GoFundMe page on one of her tweets, asking fans to donate for her cousin Tino.

AceShowbiz - Ariel Winter just wants to help, but many people still have a way to send hate speeches. The "Modern Family" star recently took to her Twitter account to take a jab at haters, who slammed her following a tweet seeking help for her ailing cousin.

The actress wrote on Tuesday, April 9, "I'm shocked at how many people have sent me hate tweets about my cousin instead of a simple, kind message showing him some love and support. Nothing else needed to be done aside from that."

"I re-posted a gofundme that my cousin's friend made just as anyone else would," she continued saying. "Hurtful."

Ariel was previously dragged on Twitter for linking a GoFundMe page on her tweet, asking fans to donate for her cousin Tino, who "was immediately admitted to the ICU and put on Life-Support." She wrote, "this is my cousin Tino. If you can, please consider donating to his recovery fund. Anything helps. I love him so much."

According to the page, Tino was rushed to the emergency room on April 5. It was further revealed that the doctors "have determined that it/was something called Haemophilus Influenzae which could have led to untreatable and deadly bacterial Meningitis."

While it was nice of Ariel to spread the link to her massive online followers, some of them seemingly didn't understand why she felt the need to ask others to help instead of covering the tab herself. "No offense but like you obviously have the money if not all of it some of it to help your cousin so why are you asking your fans for the money," said one commenter.

Ariel responded to the tweet, saying, "Thanks for your s***ty response to my sick cousin. What makes you think I'm not? Love assumptions! BTW -- if someone isn't able to donate, then I absolutely wouldn't want them to. His friend created the gofundme so I will of course share for my cousin like anyone else would."

Despite the clapback, people didn't stop sending her hate tweets. "Surely you're able to throw some if not all of the $15k in," added one other. Another comment read, "I love when people who are in the 1% as [sic] us to donate. His 15k goal compared to what you make seems so small. Why not pick up the tab."

"It's hurtful how ignorant you are on what is going on in this world" another criticism read. "Thousands of children without clean water or food and you post a go fund me for some well off dude that is required to have health insurance."

In related news, Ariel's "Modern Family" co-star Sarah Hyland had sent her cousin some financial support by writing the hefty sum of $2,500. Additionally, the GoFundMe page helped Tino to raise an impressive $16,000 in less than 24 hours.

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