50 Cent Trolls Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for Not Joining Gucci Boycott Following Blackface Controversy

The spitter posts a photo of Floyd which is edited to look like the controversial turtleneck from the famous brand that had been pulled out from the stores.

AceShowbiz - When everyone is boycotting Gucci for its alleged Blackface sweater, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. appeared not to be affected by it as he dropped a huge amount of dollar on the brand during a shopping free on Monday night, February 11. That thicked off best friend-turned-nemesis 50 Cent who decided to troll him online.

In one post, the 43-year-old New Yorker shared a comparison photo of the boxer with Mary J. Blige. Both of them were pictured wearing a burgundy leather jacket with matching leather boots and black pants. "I think Mary rocked this better, Champ look like a f***ng jockey," he captioned it.

Not stopping there, the hip-hop star suggested Champ to hire a publicist following the latter's interview with TMZ. "I'm not no follower, I do what the f**k I wanna do," Floyd said to the gossip outlet at the Gucci store in Beverly Hills. "You know when everybody else, they say, 'Everybody gonna boycott?' I say, guess what, this boy gonna get on a yacht and live life."

"Champ you need a publicist, man you saying all the wrong s**t fool. LMAO," 50 Cent wrote alongside a video of the interview.

Again, that was not the end of the mockery. 50 Cent went on sharing a photo of his one-time friend donning a pair of knee-high burgundy boots inside the ring. "Champ be like what, these boots cost 8k. LOL #brandsoncognac," so he wrote in the caption. The comment section was full of emoji of crying and laughing faces.

And just recently, the spitter posted a photo of Floyd which was edited to look like the controversial turtleneck, which had been pulled out from the stores. "get the f**k outta here Champ! LOL"

Floyd previously talked about his fallout with 50 Cent in a July 2018 interview with Complex. "50 Cent, I've always been a great friend to him, always. The guy stayed at my house plenty of times, we travel, we laugh, we had fun. If you choose not to be my friend no more, then so be it," the boxer said.

He went on alleging that the reason behind their feud was because the rapper was trying to "remove Al Haymon" (his manager) from a boxing promotion company. "I said enough is enough… I don't bash no one on social media. I don't talk bad about no one on social media. I wish 50 nothing but the best," the boxer said.

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