'The Voice' Coaches Complete Their Teams on Last Blind Auditions

YouTube sensation Justin Johnes rounds out the first stage of the singing competition and gets Blake Shelton as his mentor.

AceShowbiz - The Monday, October 6 episode of "The Voice" marks the end of the Blind Auditions in season 7. The coaches completed their teams of 12 after some friendly showdowns between newbies %cGwen Stefani% and %cPharrell Williams%, and a four-chair turn.

"They're gonna nice each other to death," %cAdam Levine% said when Gwen and Pharrell turned their chairs for Brittany Butler who covered "The Girl from Ipanema". As Pharrell let Gwen pitched herself first, %cBlake Shelton% commented, "See? The first handful of cotton candy has been thrown." Pharrell even said at the end of his speech, "Gwen would be awesome for you too," prompting Adam to say, "It's like watching a candy cane sword fight over here!" In the end, Brittany went with Pharrell.

Blake and Gwen had a showdown several times as both were vying for Ryan Sill who gave up engineering to pursue music, Fernanda Bosch who teaches kids with down syndrome how to swim, and childhood church singer Mayra Alvarez. Gwen won two (Ryan and Mayra) to round out her team, while Blake won one (Fernanda).

Adam completed his team first after nabbing the first performer of the night, Matt McAndrew, and Beth Spangler who got a four-chair turn. Pharral added Griffin in addition to Brittany, while Blake also recruited fifteen-year-old YouTube sensation Justin Johnes as his protege.

"The Voice" airs the best of its blind auditions on Tuesday night at 8 P.M. on NBC, and will kick off the Battle Rounds next week.

  • Team Adam Levine : Alessandra Castronovo, Beth Spangler, Chris Jamison, Clara Hong, Damien, Ethan Butler, Joe Kirk, Jonathan Wyndham, Kelli Douglas, Matt McAndrew, Mia Pfirrman, Rebekah Samarin
  • Team Blake Shelton : Allison Bray, Bree Fondacaro, Craig Wayne Boyd, Fernanda Bosch, James David Carter, Justin Johnes, Grant Ganzer, John Martin, Kensington Moore, Reagan James, Tanner Linford, Taylor Brashears
  • Team Gwen Stefani : Amanda Lee Peers, Anita Antoinette, Bryana Salaz, Gianna Salvato, Jean Kelley, Jessie Pitts, Mayra Alvarez, Menlik Zergabachew, Ryan Sill, Sugar Joans, Taylor John Williams, Troy Ritchie
  • Team Pharrell Williams : Blessing Offor, Brittany Butler, Danica Shirey, Elyjuh Rene, Griffin, Jordy Searcy, Katriz Trinidad, Luke Wade, Maiya Sykes, Ricky Manning, Taylor Phelan, Toia Jones

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