'The Voice' Blind Auditions - Part 4: Adam Witnesses Pharrell and Blake's 'Bloodbath'

Adam Levine cheers Pharrell Williams as the new coach challenges Blake Shelton's country music supremacy by wooing a country music act.

AceShowbiz - %cBlake Shelton% now has to be careful with %cPharrell Williams%. Not only he has killer lines, but also the "Happy" hitmaker doesn't hesitate to steal a country music act from Blake. Pharrell challenged Blake in the latest episode of "The Voice" season 7 when Craig Wayne Boyd auditioned with "The Whiskey Ain't Workin".

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Blake told Pharrell when the latter turned his chair. %cAdam Levine% supported Pharrell, saying, "I'm really happy to be a spectator for the incredible bloodbath that's about to happen... Pharrell, if you pull this off, you'll become my personal hero!"

Pharrell said he hadn't heard the song before, but he's impressed by Craig's soulful ad libs. Blake responded, "How incredible is it that he doesn't know a song, but he still knows when you're ad-libbing?" He quipped, "Let's turn The Voice into a honky-tonk!" Craig eventually went with Blake.

Pharrell later showed his amazing skill to convince people when luring Toia Jones. Covering %cAdele%'s "One and Only", the Alabama church singer wowed Pharrell and Adam. Pharrell said, "If you go to his team, he is going to lift you; if you go on my team, I'm gonna help you lift yourself." Adam pointed out that Pharrell already had a lot of similar-sounding singers on his team, but she picked Pharrell anyway.

Adam won Chris Jamison, who got all-four-chair turn. Pharrell praised his signature sound, while Adam gave constructive criticism, noticing that the 21-year-old lost a bit of control but he could make him a winner. In the end, Chris chose an honest Adam.

The %cMaroon 5% singer also nabbed Jonathan Wyndham who made all four coaches turn their chairs with a cover of %cA Great Big World%'s "Say Something". He conquered his speech impediment with music and was obviously shaking when he saw all four judges turned for him. Adam now has a total of 9 singers on his team, with Ethan Butler and Rebekah Samarin among the latest additions.

%cGwen Stefani% added three, Jean Kelley, Amanda Lee Peers and Gianna Salvato, to her team that night. Pharrell only won two, Katriz Trinidad in addition to Toia, while Blake nabbed Tanner Linford and Grant Ganzer in addition to Craig.

Toia Jones - "One and Only":

Chris Jamison - "Gravity":

Jonathan Wyndham - "Say Something":

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