Ja Rule Trivia
  1. His nickname is Ja Ja Binks.

  2. Is being sued for damaging a Florida mansion and illegally showing clips of it on a popular TV show.

  3. He has a feud with rappers 50 Cent and Eminem.

  4. Ja once chosen as an official spokesperson of BET's Campaign to Raise Awareness for HIV/AIDS.

  5. Single "Put it on Me" (2000) was written and dedicated to his girlfriend Aisha.

  6. Ja hates to watch movies in theater.

  7. His wedding-theme with Aisha was the 1940's mafia style.

  8. He used to fight in every day school.

  9. Ja is a Leap Year baby because he was born on February 29th.

  10. Ja is best friend to rapper Jay Z.

  11. He took his initials Jeff Atkins to get the JA in Ja Rule.

  12. He plans to work behind the scenes, produce and do soundtracks only.

  13. He owns a recording label called Murder, Inc.

  14. The RULE in Ja Rule stands for "Represents Unconditional Love's Existence."

  15. He wrote his first song in 1990.

  16. He is the co-owner of a liquor company, The Mojito.

  17. He owns a premium denim clothing line "Ervingeoffrey."

  18. He grew up a Jehovah's Witness.

  19. His younger sister died of respiratory problem when he was five.