James Harden's Stiff Reaction to Girlfriend Catching Wedding Bouquet Goes Viral

The Los Angeles Clippers guard stands wide-eyed with a stiff expression when his girlfriend grabbed the bride's flowers and hugged him in a hilarious clip worthy of an internet meme.

AceShowbiz - James Harden is no stranger to viral moments, but his latest one has set social media abuzz. The Los Angeles Clippers guard attended the wedding of retired NBA player Rajon Rondo and his longtime partner Latoia Fitzgerald over the weekend. He had a funny reaction when his girlfriend, Paije Speights, caught the bride's bouquet, sparking a wave of internet reactions and memes.

The footage shows Speights grabbing the bouquet of white flowers that almost fell at her feet. While traditionally this is seen as a sign that she might be the next to get married, Harden seemed less than thrilled by the prospect. As Speights bent down to pick up the flowers with excitement, the camera panned to Harden who's standing still with a stiff expression on his face.

The hilarious reaction quickly went viral on social media. Harden, wearing a black suit and standing beside his girlfriend in a black dress, stared straight ahead as she hugged him while holding the bouquet. Fans couldn't resist commenting on the awkward yet comical moment. One fan wrote, "Bro literally terrified," while another chimed in with, "My man thought he was safe in the back." Another joked, "That's the time he should have played defense."

Speights addressed the viral video on her Instagram story. "I wasn't even participating, lol. I'm standing outside the circle in the back. The bouquet landed right at my feet. Hey, a win is a win," she wrote. "I do this sh*t with no effort," she added humorously.

Harden's reaction has even led some fans to joke about his hesitancy to commit, drawing parallels to his performance on the court. Comments like "He's definitely gonna trade her to avoid that ring," and "He can't commit to a team, ain't no way he committed to her," reflect the meme culture that surrounds the athlete's love life and career choices.

For James Harden, this viral moment is just another instance of how easily he can capture the internet's attention. From his meme-worthy expressions to his success off the court, such as selling 16,000 bottles of his J-Harden wine in mere seconds during a live stream, Harden remains a prominent figure both in and out of the sports world.

Love it or hate it, this latest meme has cemented Harden's place in internet folklore yet again, thanks to his unintentional yet iconic reaction.

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