James Harden Denies Paying Saweetie $100K for a Date, 50 Cent Mocks Quavo
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Defending the NBA star against rumors of him paying the raptress a thousand dollars for a date, the 'Power' co-creator insinuates that the Migos star may now regret letting the 'Icy Girl' raptress go.

AceShowbiz - James Harden has spoken up after he's reported to be splurging some money to buy a date with Saweetie. Blasting the rumors as "false a** stories," the NBA star denied that he paid the raptress $100,000 for a date.

The athlete took to his Instagram Stories on Friday, June 11 to respond to the swirling reports. Setting the record straight once and for all, he fired back, "I'm tried (sic) of people creating these false a** stories knowing I really don't speak on bulls**t."

"Leave me out of all the werid (sic) s**t. s**t trash. Back to my real life," the Brooklyn Nets player continued. In a separate post, he made it clear that he was responding to the Saweetie date rumors as writing, "People really on here just making s**t up for clout. I really stay out the way. Cashapp 100K? Beat it."

Weighing on it was 50 Cent, who defended James against the crazy speculation. Refusing to believe that the professional basketball player had to pay for a date, he wrote, "wait he a super star, why the f**k is he paying a b***h to go on a date."

Fiddy also brought up Saweetie's ex Quavo in his comment. Insinuating that the Migos member may now regret breaking up with the "Icy Girl" raptress, he added, "see what you did @quavohuncho they don't know that they like till they see somebody with it. SMH LOL Help me understand this!"

Saweetie herself has not responded to the rumors that James paid her $100k for a date. The 26-year-old star broke up with Quavo in March after dating since September 2018. Things turned ugly as Saweetie accused her ex of being unfaithful.

In late March, a video surfaced of the former couple's physical altercation in an elevator. Saweetie, however, later clarified that the fight happened in 2020 and it didn't lead to their breakup.

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