Diddy Unsatisfied With Cassie's Boob Job, Forced Her to Redo It a Few Weeks After Initial Surgery
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The bodyguard who used to work for the embattled Bad Boy mogul opens up about Diddy's alleged controlling behavior during his abusive relationship with Cassie.

AceShowbiz - In a series of unsettling revelations, the music mogul P. Diddy faces mounting allegations of misconduct from his past employees, collaborators, and partners. The accusations, ranging from abuse to sexual assault, paint a troubling picture of the hip-hop icon, also known as the founder of Bad Boy Records.

Diddy's cascade of legal challenges gained momentum last November when his ex-partner Cassie filed a lawsuit against him. The suit, which included grave allegations of sexual assault and abuse, was notably settled overnight. This swift resolution did little to quell the rising concerns and scrutiny from both the public and those who had previously worked with him.

Last month, the situation escalated when security footage surfaced online, purportedly showing Diddy assaulting Cassie at a hotel in 2016. This video quickly went viral, reigniting discussions about their tumultuous relationship and adding weight to Cassie's earlier claims. Social media was abuzz with reactions, and many began to reflect on the dynamics of their high-profile romance.

Roger Bonds, who served as Diddy's security guard from 2003 to 2012, shared his observations during an interview with VladTV. Bonds recounted instances of what he perceived as extreme controlling behavior from Diddy towards Cassie. He pointed out a particularly troubling episode where Diddy allegedly instructed Cassie to shave the side of her head after seeing another woman with that hairstyle.

Bonds further revealed that Diddy was unsatisfied with Cassie's D-cup breast implants and made her undergo surgery again to reduce them to C-cups. "She had to go back and get C-cups," Bonds stated during the interview.

"I remember that specifically because she had to wear things where she couldn't pick up stuff. So I used to have to help her out the car, and pick up her bags and things like that because she was wrapped up." According to him, the second operation took place just "a couple of weeks" after the initial procedure.

When questioned about Cassie's feelings during these events, Bonds mentioned he was uncertain if she was upset but highlighted the rushed nature of the second surgery as a troubling sign of the power dynamics in their relationship.

As these allegations continue to surface, they cast a long shadow over Diddy's legacy, prompting further examination and reflection by the public and those within the music industry. The unfolding story serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing such serious accusations with due gravity and seeking justice for those who come forward.

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