Sofia Vergara Tries Hypnotism to Overcome Her Addiction to Sugar

Embracing balance, beauty, and the joy of sweets, the former 'Modern Family' actress reveals her approach to a fulfilling lifestyle after trying various method to stop her sugar craving.

AceShowbiz - In a recent candid conversation with PEOPLE, Sofia Vergara, the luminary of "Griselda," offers an intimate glimpse into how she harmonizes her penchant for sweets with her quest for wellness, all while defining beauty on her own terms. Amidst her vibrant career, Vergara, at 51, dishes out her recipe for a balanced life, imbued with indulgence, self-care, and an unapologetic embrace of her passions.

Vergara confesses, "Well, I have an addiction to sweets, to sugar," a challenge she's grappled with through various means, even hypnotism, albeit to no avail. Her approach pivots towards maintaining balance, "I try to eat healthy so that I can eat sweets."

This philosophy underscores her dietary choices, skewed away from "hamburger, pizza, fattening things," towards a moderated indulgence in her ultimate weakness - cake, especially if it's flavored with dulce de leche, a caramel delight she savors in Miami or Latin America.

Exercise, for Vergara, is crafted around the constraints of her "bad knees," steering clear of "crazy workouts" and instead adopting a regimen populated with light weights and consistency over intensity. This adjustment reflects her pragmatic attitude towards fitness, tailored to her body's capabilities and needs.

At home, Vergara's essence of comfort is encapsulated in her "uniform" of sweatpants and sweatshirt, albeit with a touch of makeup, "a little mascara and some lipstick."

It's a simple ritual that, for her, strikes the perfect chord between ease and feeling put together. Vergara's notion of feeling her best, however, is when she's fully decked out with hair, makeup, and outfit, challenging the narrative that comfort only resides in the absence of effort.

Defining beauty, Vergara dives deep into her Latin roots, attributing her emphasis on aesthetics to her culture, "we always grow up thinking about looking good, doing your hair, your makeup."

Her personal evolution has refined her style; it's less about trend-chasing and more about what feels right, confident, and inherently beautiful. Now in her 50s, Vergara cherishes the wisdom and self-assurance this era brings, allowing her to care less about external judgments and more about what truly makes her feel fulfilled.

In sharing her journey, Vergara invites us to reimagine the concept of balance and beauty. It's a narrative laced with delectable contradictions, poised workouts, and the pursuit of personal bliss, guided by the wisdom of experience and the courage to live unabashedly.

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