Ben Affleck Moves Out of House He Shares With Jennifer Lopez Amid Split Rumor
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Reports are swirling that all is not well in paradise for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez as he is spotted staying in a different house than his wife and she's house-hunting alone.

AceShowbiz - Ben Affleck has been making headlines recently for staying at a different home than his wife, Jennifer Lopez, adding fuel to rumors that the couple might be headed for a split. According to reports, the "Good Will Hunting" actor was seen Thursday morning, May 16 leaving a house in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Notably, Affleck was alone and visibly wearing his wedding ring as he drove away.

Tensions in the Affleck-Lopez household became a talking point after J.Lo attended the 2024 Met Gala without her husband. While his absence was attributed to the filming schedule of "The Accountant 2," Affleck was seen at Tom Brady's Netflix roast in Los Angeles just the night before the Met Gala. This discrepancy has raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about the couple's relationship status.

Adding to the rumors, Jennifer Lopez has been spotted house hunting in Beverly Hills with her producing partner, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, further igniting speculation that she might be looking for a place of her own. It's worth noting that the couple recently purchased a massive estate together, making J.Lo's solo house hunting even more intriguing.

Moreover, Affleck has reportedly been staying in Brentwood for the past week, an area close to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner's home. The two share three children - Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel - and have been seen attending various kids' events recently. However, sources confirm that Affleck is not staying at Garner's house but has his own place nearby.

Meanwhile, InTouch reported that the couple is in therapy. "Ben believes in therapy, to a point, and is willing to be a good sport about participating with an open mind, even though he hates the whole humiliating process," said a source close to Affleck. The insider suggested that "everything is a fight" between the two, making therapy a valuable tool for navigating their marital challenges.

Despite the rumors and their current living arrangements, both Affleck and Lopez have been spotted wearing their wedding rings. This could be a sign that they are still committed to making their marriage work, despite the ongoing challenges.

The last public appearance where Affleck and Lopez were seen together was back in March in New York City. Since then, they haven't been photographed together, adding more fuel to the speculation fire. As of now, neither Affleck's nor Lopez's representatives have provided an official comment on the rumors.

The alleged marriage issue emerged after J.Lo's new album and documentary, both of which are about her reconciliation with Affleck, flopped. To make matters worse, she is reportedly struggling to sell tickets to her upcoming tour despite rebranding.

With both celebrities focusing on their respective careers and personal commitments, fans and onlookers are left to wonder about the true state of "Bennifer's" relationship. Only time will tell if this is just a rough patch or something more significant.

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