Olivia Culpo Ditches Lip Filler, Aims for More Natural Look for Wedding to Christian McCaffrey

The former Miss Universe goes against the grain as she has gotten rid of her lip filler and embraced her natural beauty ahead of her upcoming nuptials with NFL athlete fiance.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Culpo, the model and former Miss Universe, has recently been in the spotlight for her beauty decisions as she prepares to marry San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. Taking to social media, Culpo shared with her millions of followers a significant change in her wedding preparation routine: the decision to dissolve her lip fillers for a more natural look on her big day.

Culpo's approach to beauty, especially in the public eye, resonates with a growing trend towards natural aesthetics and self-acceptance. During a Q&A session on Instagram, she opened up about her skincare and cosmetic treatments, revealing that she had her lip filler dissolved.

"Last thing I had my lips dissolved last week," Culpo disclosed, further adding, "Look at my before! I'm really happy the way they look now. Debating filling again but might just keep like this for the wedding."

Olivia Culpo has her lip filler dissolved

Olivia Culpo has her lip filler dissolved

This move sparked a conversation among her followers, with Culpo even conducting a poll to gauge opinions on whether she should revisit the filler or maintain her natural lips for the wedding.

The candidness doesn't end with lip fillers. Culpo also shared insights into other aspects of her beauty regimen, including undergoing a salmon sperm facial, a cutting-edge skin treatment popular for its hydrating and collagen-boosting properties.

This treatment exemplifies Culpo's commitment to exploring innovative skincare solutions while preparing for her wedding day. Additionally, the model revealed that she has recently tried a professional lash lift, which she described as "one of her fave wedding prep things" due to its low maintenance yet glamorous effect.

Culpo's openness about her cosmetic procedures, from Botox to buccal fat removal speculations, and now lip filler dissolution, challenges the narrative around beauty standards, especially in the context of significant life events like weddings.

By opting for a more natural look and being transparent about her beauty journey, Culpo is advocating for self-acceptance and confidence, making a strong statement that resonates with many young people today.

As Olivia Culpo steps closer to her wedding day, her choices reflect a broader movement towards embracing natural beauty, sending a powerful message to her followers about the value of self-love and the beauty of authenticity in a world often dominated by aesthetic enhancements.

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