Panicked Whoopi Goldberg Urges Reporter to Seek Safety Amid Live Broadcast in Israel Images/ROGER WONG

On 'The View', ABC News chief National correspondent Matt Gutman can be seen being approached by an Israeli officer during a live broadcast due to sudden security incident.

AceShowbiz - Whoopi Goldberg couldn't help but panic when a live broadcast from Israel got interrupted by a "security incident" during the Tuesday, October 10 episode of "The View". The episode saw Whoopi looking visibly panicked when ABC News chief National correspondent Matt Gutman was approached by who appeared to be an Israeli officer.

In the episode, Matt was speaking to "The View" panels from the Israeli city of Sderot to report the latest development after the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a sudden attack against Israel in Gaza on Saturday. At one point, the reporter was forced to pause his report when a man in uniform came to him.

The officer instructed Matt to leave the area immediately. "The [Israel Defense Forces] has issued an immediate alert that everybody has to leave," Matt told Whoopi. "There is some security incident just near us."

The reporter continued, "These armored jeeps are going towards where we've been hearing this incessant gunfire and just on the other side of that bridge, we've seen a large number of troops headed in that direction, you see the ambulances over there."

Panicking, Whoopi told Matt to cut short his report and go seek safety. "Get in a car, Matt! Get in the car!" she yelled. Co-host Sara Haines added, "Be careful, Matt!"

After Matt's broadcast ended, the "Sister's Act" actress appeared to be rendered speechless. After some time, she finally said, "Well, that's what happens when it's live and you're in the middle of it. We got our fingers crossed that he's safe and he's going to remain safe."

Thankfully, Matt is safe as his broadcast returned later in the episode. "There is a pretty significant movement of troops here. We're okay where we are right now, but you can hear booms in the distance. There was significant gunfire, there was a helicopter, gunship in the air," he explained. "Obviously they found something, but we are safe right now, Whoopi."

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