Katy Perry Isn't 'Fazed' by 'American Idol' Criticism

A source also claims that the 'Fireworks' singer thinks that she's just doing her best as one of the judges on the singing competition series alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry isn't bothered by the backlash she gets from "American Idol" contestants and viewers during season 21 of the singing competition series. According to a new report by Page Six, the "Roar" hitmaker "isn't fazed" by the criticism.

A source also told the news outlet that the singer thinks that she's just doing her best as one of the judges on the show alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. "This has been a roller-coaster season with a lot of great talent, so she is just doing her job," the source said.

The insider noted that the fiancee of Orlando Bloom "has a unique sense of humor that may not always translate well on camera, but she never has any ill intent" while judging the singing competition. The informant stressed, "She's a mentor and a friend to the contestants."

Prior to this, it was said that the FOX honchos wouldn't rule out firing Katy amid the controversies. "Katy has come under fire for harsh comments in the past, and now fans are upset over the way she humiliated a singing duo," an insider said. "She demanded they perform before they'd had a chance to rehearse and then blasted their work as 'underwhelming' in front of a national audience!"

The source added that Katy's cringeworthy comments "got people behind the scenes wondering if she is past her expiration date." The informant continued, "And producers are so rattled by Katy's behavior they're considering replacing her to keep the audience happy."

In the recent weeks, Katy has caught heat multiple times for her remarks about season 21 contestants. The "Teenage Dream" hitmaker was accused of mom-shaming Sara Beth Liebe by joking that the mother of three had been "laying on the table too much."

Sara later admitted that she found the comments "hurtful" in a TikTok video. She said, "I think that women supporting and uplifting other women is so cool and I think that mom shaming is super lame. I think that it's hard enough to be a mom and it's hard enough to be a woman."

Katy was also criticized for her "condescending" comments on contestant Nutsa Buzaladze, who slept through a rehearsal with her duet partner, Carina DeAngelo. After watching the episode, some viewers thought that the judge was "so rude and condescending to the contestants unless it's a male cutie then she acts like a teenage fool."

Following the backlash, Nutsa publicly apologized to Katy in the Sunday, April 9 episode. After the apology, Katy immediately stood up to give Nutsa a hug and told her, "That is great. That's so wonderful and Nutsa, what I meant by grace is that it's OK to be determined and ambitious and edgy and strong but also with grace."

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