Loni Love Weighs In on DaniLeigh and B. Simone 'Wild 'N Out' Drama
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Prior to this, the 'Yellowbone' singer went on Instagram Live to address the reports that she had B. Simone removed from Nick Cannon's show as Dani believed that she used to sleep with baby daddy DaBaby.

AceShowbiz - Loni Love shares her opinion on the drama surrounding DaniLeigh and B. Simone after the former allegedly had B. Simone removed from "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out" over DaBaby. Weighing in on the matter, "The Real" co-host blamed it on the show's producers.

"Here again producers are at fault for this," the TV personality wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, September 28. She insinuated that "Wild 'n Out" should have kept B. Simone, who is a regular cast on the show, and changed the guest instead.

Loni opined, "They gave no loyalty for a regular cast member who shows up for them... if you are a regular on a show, guests either come on or not.. There are plenty others that would love to fill the spot...."

Internet users mostly showed agreement to Loni's perspective. "She's 100% correct they should have found another guest," one person said. Someone else added, "Finally someone said it." Echoing the sentiment, another user wrote, "PERIOD !!!!! It's millions of other celebrities that would love to be on that show !!"

Loni's tweet arrived after Dani addressed the drama on Instagram Live. The "Yellow Bone" songstress shared that the issue was "eating [her] up" and "it's just not cool." She said during the live stream that it wasn't her idea to have B. Simone, who allegedly slept with her baby daddy, removed from the episode, but her team made the request because she and the comedian were not on great terms. She said she agreed to it, believing that it's the best decision rather than making it awkward by having her sit next to B. Simone on the show.

"It was never a demand. I don't know why the blogs are putting out that I demanded B. Simone not to be on 'Wild 'n Out'. That wasn't the case," Dani, who shares a daughter with DaBaby, explained. " 'Wild 'n Out' asked me, I love 'Wild 'n Out' shows, I've always supported [Nick Cannon], I always supported the comedians on the show."

The 27-year-old admitted, "Me and B. Simone are not cool. So, I just-my team asked if she doesn't do the episode that I do, respectfully. It was never anything to be like, 'I'm a diva, I don't want'-I thought it'd be more mature to not have us sitting next to each other on a show, making it mad awkward and uncomfortable."

She defended herself, "I'm protecting my peace. I'm protecting my heart on the situation. It wasn't petty." She added, "She was actually there, so I'm sure she got paid. It wasn't to take nobody from nobody's pocket."

During the Live, Dani criticized B. Simone B. Simone for going on TV interview and "made a whole diss song" about her while she handled it "maturely" by trying to keep information to herself. In the end, DaniLeigh said she decided to focus on herself, tour and daughter.

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