Yung Bleu's Baby Mama Calls Him the 'Worst Father' Ever, Accuses Him of Being Abusive

Shunna Phillips, who shares a child with the singer/rapper, admits that she is ashamed to be his baby mama and declares that 'it's nothing [she] will ever be proud of.'

AceShowbiz - Yung Bleu's ex and baby mama continued to lash out at him on social media. Shunna Phillips, who shares a child with the emcee, called him the "worst father a kid could ever have" as she accused him of being abusive.

Shunna called out Bleu on her Instagram Story. Tagging the singer/rapper on the post, she argued, "As a man you've failed, As a Co Parent you've failed, and as a father you've extremely failed Corbin. I failed my son the day I got pregnant by you for not choosing better smfh. I honestly wish I never had a kid with you. I wish I could have a redo."

"You're a s**tty father, you're abusive, you're special ed, you have bed bugs, & you don't take baths," she alleged. "It's so embarrassing and it makes me sick to my stomach. You're a f**king joke and your words have no value. I'm ashamed to be your BM it's nothing I will ever be proud of. You ain't never did s**t for Corbin."

"I look at Corbin and I know he doesn't deserve what's been presented to him. For years he's been given the short end of the stick and little to nothing. I want you to know that you're the worst BD on planet earth, it literally doesn't get any worse than you," Shunna went on fuming. "You're the worse father a kid could ever have. If you died today or tomorrow I'd literally spit on your f**king grave."

Back in September 2021, Shunna accused Bleu of stalking her and threatening to kill her several times before. Posting a video of his car supposedly leaving her house the night before, she wrote, "If something happens to me i want everyone to know bleuvandross did it!!!!!"

Shunna then detailed, "Last night he came to my house beating and kicking on my door acting a fool. The police had to escort him from the property and make his crazy a** leave." She continued, "Bleu is literally INSANE and MENTALLY ILL... This boy really needs daily supervised meds smh."

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