Yung Bleu's Ex Accuses Him of Stalking and Threatening: If Something Happens to Me, He Did It

Shunna Phillips posts a video of the 'You're Mines Still' rapper's alleged car leaving her house after he's reportedly 'beating and kicking' on her door, calling him 'insane and mentally ill.'

AceShowbiz - Yung Bleu's ex and baby mama is apparently fearing for her safety due to his presence around her. Shunna Phillips, who shares a child with the rapper, has accused the star of stalking her and threatening to kill her several times before.

Shunna spoke up against Bleu, who is also known as Bleu Vandross, in an Instagram post she uploaded on Friday, September 17. Along with a video of his car supposedly leaving her house the night before, she wrote, "If something happens to me i want everyone to know bleuvandross did it!!!!!"

She later detailed the latest incident allegedly involving Bleu, "Last night he came to my house beating and kicking on my door acting a fool. The police had to escort him from the property and make his crazy a** leave."

Shunna also shared her take on the "You're Mines Still" alleged violent behavior. "Bleu is literally INSANE and MENTALLY ILL," so she claimed. "This boy really needs daily supervised meds smh." Insinuating that Bleu creates a fake persona in front of public, she added, "People please do not think for one second that someone having money and fame automatically dismisses their craziness because it doesn't. He portrays to be solid on social media but be a whole mental patient behind the scenes flawed out and fake asf."

"Please stop stalking me and using our son as a pawn and coverup for your sick bitter BD antics," Shunna went on pleading. Noting that last night wasn't the first time she received such treatment from Bleu, she said, "I'm so thankful for our breakup because he's truly a mental, verbal, emotional, and physical abusing narcissist that has tried to take my life twice, once at gunpoint and the other with a knife to my throat. Smh."

Shunna apparently received many comments from Bleu's fans who accused her of lying about her accusations. She, however, has received support from many other users, with one defending her, "No one deserves to go through this or claims be dismissed because of the status of fame someone has."

"I believe you. Prayers for your safety," another reacted to Shunna's story. A third fired back at the haters, "Y'all in the comments can say whateva y'all don't know what's happens behind closed door domestic violence is real and it's out here! Praying keep ur head up." Someone added, "It's funny because when Bleu posted stuff about Shunna before without evidence people believed him but you accuse Shunna of lying about this? Go figure."

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