The 'America's Got Talent' judge reveals he had dehydration after undergoing a colonoscopy, which was exacerbated by coffee, that led to his recent medical scare.

AceShowbiz - Howie Mandel has once again addressed his recent hospitalization. Kicking off the Thursday, October 14 episode of his podcast "Howie Mandel Does Stuff", the comedian detailed what went down that led to his collapse at Starbucks.

Joined by his daughter Jackelyn Schulz, who said she was "freaking out" when her mother told her Howie was taken to the hospital, the Canadian star quipped, "First of all, what has this world come to where you can't pass out in a Starbucks privately anymore?" He then revealed that he "was dehydrated."

"I had a colonoscopy a few days ago," he explained to his concerned daughter. "They empty you out. You take a drink, and you empty out - I had consensual diarrhea for, you know, an entire night essentially."

Howie said he immediately began working after his colonoscopy. "From the moment I woke up from the colonoscopy I went and I worked," he shared. "All I kind of lived on was coffee and caffeine, which also exacerbates dehydration, I was told."

It also didn't help that he doesn't "drink water" as he enthused, "apparently, when you do that you will pass out at Starbucks…" The 65-year-old jokingly added, "It was also the cost of the caramel macchiato venti that just threw me over the edge."

The "America's Got Talent" judge said he felt dizzy and was sweating a lot at the time, but he never really lost consciousness. "I just passed out and… I got really dizzy and couldn't stand up, but I don't think I ever lost consciousness," he recalled. "And I got totally soaked with sweat. For somebody who is dehydrated, I had a lot of sweat in me, so that even exacerbated the dehydration."

Howie then thanked the first responders and the medical team. "I want to thank first responders, and everybody at the hospital, at West Hills Hospital, thank you so much for taking care of me," he said. "Here I am, back on my podcast, healthy, hydrated and moist!" he assured and promised, "I'm going to moisturize and hydrate from now on."

Howie and her daughter also talked about a firefighter who was mistakenly identified as the funnyman in a picture released by TMZ. "It's like a really buff, young, bald firefighter - a healthy-looking guy - and they said that was you. I was like, well I'm not so concerned because that guy looks good!" Jackelyn joked. Her father chimed in, "I didn't know it until you called! That's the firefighter with the red arrow. He's sitting up with his sunglasses on, ready to go to the hospital!"

Howie was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday morning after passing out at a Starbucks coffee house in Woodland Hills, California. He was hanging out with his wife and some friends when he collapsed. Paramedics were called to the scene and the TV personality was taken to a hospital in Tarzana via an ambulance.

Hours after the incident, he updated his Twitter page to inform his fans that he was okay. "I am home and doing better," he wrote. "I was dehydrated and had low blood sugar." He went on assuring, "Thank you to everyone who reached out but I am doing ok!"

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