Kodak Black Under Fire for Inappropriate Dance With Mom After Addressing Alarming Tweets

In a video which circulates online after he denied having suicidal thoughts, the 'Zeze' spitter is seen squeezing his mother's bottom and trying to kiss her in the mouth.

AceShowbiz - While it's sweet that Kodak Black loves his mother very much, the way he shows his affection has raised people's eyebrows. The rapper has left some people cringing after a video surfaced of him inappropriately touching his mom Marcelene Octave while dancing together.

In the clip posted by a Twitter user, Kodak and his mom were seen hitting the dance floor at what looks like a party. They were dancing close to each other, with the "Tunnel Vision" emcee placing his hand on her bottom and squeezing it.

The two then broke into laughter before they continued dancing, as overly-affectionate Kodak appeared to try to kiss her on the lips twice. Marcelene shook her head to reject it though she didn't seem to be uncomfortable as they continued dancing after she laughed it off.

After some time, Marcelene decided to leave the dance floor, but as she walked away, Kodak again touched her butt. This time, Marcelene responded by playfully hitting her son on his back.

Clearly not having the mother-son interaction, the person who uploaded the video captioned it, "Nah Kodak violating his own mommas ass cheeks is WILD!!!!! What in the Z s**t is this yall Florida n***as some sick sickos #Repent."

Other social media users soon also weighed in on it, with one criticizing the mother's reaction, "And the mom ain't no better she just giggling like it's cute." Another remarked, "That's f**kin gross." A third user claimed, "I can't even hit play. What type of sick s**t do they have going on. No thanks."

"It's known this man is not right in the head. I'm not the least bit shocked," someone chimed in. Another commented, "What a nasty little gremlin, his mama too. This is what happens when mothers raise their nasty little sons like their husbands," while another person added, "N***a really on demon time with ma dukes."

"If y'all can't tell by this video Kodak is obviously in a dark place, seems like he had way too much to drink or something else. Don't forget he was literally saying he was gonna kill himself not even 2 days ago. Obviously this ain't right," someone else acknowledged, before adding, "but instead of hating we should help."

There were a few, however, who disagreed with the critics, believing that such interaction is normal to occur among family members. "Aite before I mute this I think bruh needs more prayers than anything. Yall be easy. I do s**t like this & more tap in," one person explained. Another argued, "He love his momma. It's just how they relationship is."

It's unclear when the video was taken, but it arrives after Kodak explained his alarming tweets in which he lamented about being "depressed" and "sad," and hinted at suicidal thoughts. In a new statement, however, he clarified that he didn't mean to harm himself.

"I mean maybe that wasn't the best thing to tweet and very selfish of me to let a thought like that succumb," he wrote. "I apologize to me for doubting myself like I'm ain't a raw ass gangsta ass n***a but thugs need love too you know and it's totally unfair to the people that DO Love me that DO Care & wanna see me happy and successful, however that looks like!"

"Thanks to everybody that was concerned and the calls and texts as I understand I made a bold statement but don't worry I'm not suicidal and have no plans on harming myself," he continued, before assuring his fans, "I got a great support system and surrounded by live, somebody put a false rumor in my head and that drove me to the edge that I can't say but all in all I'm ok!"

The 24-year-old, whose legal name is Bill Kahan Kapri, further claimed, "I'm really in need of a vacation but being on probations keeps me stuck in this unhealthy environment where my only choice is running around the hood thuggin."

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