Kodak Black Deletes Social Media Pages After Making Alarming Posts About Being 'Depressed'

Lamenting that he's 'lonely,' 'sad' and 'f**ked up' with nobody to love him and care for him, the 'Tunnel Vision' rapper says he wishes he was never famous in one of his last tweets.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black has mysteriously left social media, shortly after making alarming posts on Twitter. The rapper has apparently deleted his account on both the blue bird app and Instagram as it now can no longer be found on those two platforms.

Kodak, also known as Bill Kahan Kapri, did not offer an explanation before he vanished from both social media platforms. His move arrives not long after he posted several messages on Twitter which sounded like a cry for help.

On Thursday, October 7, he wrote, "So Lonely Depressed Sad & F**ked Up." He went on lamenting, "Nobody Love Me Nobody Cares … I'm Everywhere @ Once … Friends Playin I My Head … Girls Playin Wit My Heart." Seemingly regretting where he is now, the 24-year-old added, "Wish I Can Go Back To The Start I'll Never Be Famous."

Kodak also hinted at suicidal thought in a separate tweet. "Sitting In My Room Crying Feel Like Killing Myself," so he shared.

Kodak's posts soon sparked concerns among his fans, with one sending "prayers" to the rapper. Another acknowledged, "depression is real no matter how people may seem to hide it. Praying he gets to feeling like himself soon." A third echoed the sentiment, "This time of the year is really depressing. Praying for you."

This isn't the first time Kodak got candid about his depression. Back in January, he admitted that he was depressed while in prison. "Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Pray For Sanity," he tweeted at the time. He also prayed for some salvation, "Lord Restore My Heart. Take What's Broken And Make Whole Again."

Kodak was arrested in 2019 for weapons possession and was sentenced to almost four years in federal prison. He, however, was released later in January after then-President Donald Trump commuted his sentence as part of his last-minute pardon spree.

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