Kodak Black Throws Rocks at Photographer, Threatens to Punch Reporter Upon Jail Release

The 'Tunnel Vision' rapper is accused of being 'aggressive' toward journalists who want to cover him walking out of the prison in Fort Lauderdale, shortly after he's released.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black doesn't seem to learn a lesson during his time behind bars. The rapper has gone back to his trouble-making way shortly after his release from jail as he was accused of throwing a rock at a photographer.

Local news reporter Rosh Lowe reported on Wednesday, February 21 that the incident happened as he and a photographer were waiting outside the prison in Fort Lauderdale. They were there to cover Kodak, who was scheduled to be released from prison that day.

As soon as he walked out of the prison, the "Super Gremlin" spitter allegedly got aggressive at both journalists. "This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen. It's not only did he get aggressive with my photographer, Bryan Murphy, but he actually started throwing rocks at this photographer, simply doing his job. Kodak Black started throwing rocks," Rosh said.

He then showed footage that captured Kodak's alleged unprovoked aggression. In the clip, he was seen picking a rock and throwing it at the direction of the camera. "Don't throw anything at our camera," someone behind the lens was heard saying as it moved away from the rapper.

Rosh said that what happened next was "Kodak Black threatened to punch me, repeatedly." He stressed, "And we went back down, simply doing our job."

Expressing his astonishment at Kodak's behavior, the reporter said, "I've never seen anything like this, somebody coming out threatening to punch a reporter." He went on claiming, "Actually throwing a rock, several rocks at our photographer, hitting him in his ribs."

Upon seeing the video, one person reacted, "Kodak Black is that one bad a** kid that makes the whole class stay inside for recess." Another weighed in, "Throwing rocks and threatening people while still on prison grounds after being released is unhinged behavior."

A few others defended Kodak though, blaming the reporter instead. "Leave people alone. & stop playing victim smh," one fan warned. Another said, "Leave him tf alone wow! Yall were harassing him smh." Someone else added, "Sir we do not feel sorry for you. How would you like to be filmed at a low point in your life. Bye!"

Kodak was arrested on December 7, 2023 in Plantation, Florida for possession of cocaine and tampering with evidence. He bonded out of jail after the incident, but it was reported on December 16 that he was once again back in federal custody for violating probation.

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