Sean Penn Likens Donald Trump's Approach in Combating COVID-19 to Gunning Down Vulnerable Groups
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The 'Secret Life of Walter Mitty' actor, who leads nonprofit CORE that helps provide free COVID-19 tests across the country, calls the Trump government an 'obscene administration.'

AceShowbiz - Sean Penn is clearly disappointed with how Donald Trump handled the COVID-19 crisis during his leadership. When criticizing the former president, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" actor likened his approach in combating the virus to gunning down vulnerable communities.

The 60-year-old slammed the former POTUS when speaking at a press conference following the premiere of his new film, "Flag Day". He began his message, "We were - not only as a country, but as a world - let down and ultimately neglected, misinformed, had truth and reason assaulted under what was, in all terms, an obscene administration, humanly and politically."

Penn, who leads nonprofit CORE that helps provide free COVID-19 tests across the country, added, "When my team and I would come home from test and vaccination sites at night, particularly during the testing period during the Trump administration... it really felt like there was someone with a machine gun gunning down communities that were the most vulnerable from a turret at the White House."

The "Mystic River" star, however, has found hope after Joe Biden was elected as a new president. "In the transition to the task force that President Biden put together, it was really that feeling like a sun was rising," he raved. "There was no effort of integrity coming from the federal government until the Trump administration was dismissed."

Penn has long been a vocal critic of Trump. When speaking on "Hell & High Water With John Heilemann" podcast in February, he described the 45th president as "a man who all would concede is guilty of negligent homicide on a grand scale." He continued, "That isn't a flamboyant thing, that's just what it is."

Penn also blamed America's obsession with celebrity culture for Trump's rise to power. "There's an awful lot to be optimistic about, but none of that optimism is going to mean anything if we don't really take a look at the anatomy of not only these last four years, but of a culture that allowed for the last four years to happen," he argued.

"And it's been on the march and frankly, I have a perception of celebrity that I look at it as a virus of its own," the husband of Leila George further explained. "And we tend to raise the lowest common denominators of celebrity, and that's what we did when we got this failed businessman turned fake billionaire on a TV show and made him president of the United States."

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