The 'Schitt's Creek' star reveals that before she licked the 'A Sky Full of Stars' singer's sweat on her hands, there 'was just a voice' in her head that was like 'you need to do it.'

AceShowbiz - Annie Murphy has just proven that she is a Coldplay superfan. Stopping by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", the "Schitt's Creek" star revealed the real reason why she once licked Chris Martin's sweat while she was at the band's concert.

When making an appearance on the NBC late-night show on Wednesday, June 16, the 34-year-old actress played a game called "True Confessions" with Jimmy Fallon and fellow guest Seth Meyers. When it was her turn, she claimed she "once licked Chris Martin's sweat off my own hand."

Jimmy went on to ask Annie, "And how did you end up touching Chris Martin?" She then recalled the moment when she was in the third row at the concert when the "Paradise" singer came down from the stage to where fans were seated. "So he's doing crowd work, he's going 'Montreal, I love you guys, you guys are the best,' " the host tried to do his best impression of the British rocker. "You're moving your eyes like 'hey make eye contact with me,' and grabbed him and he pulled away and then you had his sweat on your hand."

Annie confirmed that it was how it happened, before Jimmy quizzed her with another question, "Your immediate reaction was to lick it off?" while Seth asked, "You were worried something would happen, security would run over and wipe the sweat off?" The "Kevin Can F**k Himself" actress then confessed, "Yes, before I was able to ingest it!" adding that afterward her friends "looked at me with pride and disgust."

"It was something that was - I didn't plan it, it was just a voice in my head that was like 'you need to do it' and I did it, and I love Coldplay as much as the rest of us…," Annie continued, with Seth enthusing, "You like 'em a little bit more." The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member added, "Was there an awkwardness after the fact that you hadn't saved any licks for them?" The "Blue Mountain State" alum jokingly claimed, "That might be why we don't speak anymore."

Later on, Seth asked Annie, "Is this post-celebrity for you?" The "Picture This" actress went on to clarify, "Pre-celebrity, like 10 years ago." Host Jimmy then quizzed her on her Coldplay knowledge by asking her some of the band's songs. She was able to name a few tracks, including "Fix You", "The Scientist", "Yellow" and "Viva la Vida".

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