Yo Gotti Insists He Loves Chocolate Following Colorism Accusations Over 'Drop' Music Video

Some fans think that the music video for the DaBaby collaborative track which features a bunch of women in a pool party is lack of diversity, prompting the rapper to clear the air.

AceShowbiz - Yo Gotti has responded to colorism accusations after he unveiled the music video for "Drop" with DaBaby on Friday, June 4. Some fans thought that the music video which featured a bunch of women in a pool party was lack of diversity, prompting Gotti to clear the air.

Of the visuals, one Twitter user criticized, "I don't know if I'm just numb to it but I really no longer care about rappers not putting more brown/dark skin women in their videos." The critic continued, "Idk why we get so up and arms about it, they been do this for awhile no matter the backlash. Imma put my energy into being mad over something more worthwhile."

In a separate post, the user further explained, "To put context in this random thought they are dragging Yo Gotti about his newest videos because there appears to be no black women. I literally looked and was like...'girl, anyway'. Maybe I'm just so used to it I no longer let it make me feel any type of way."

Some others also echoed the sentiment. "I don't see not nan beautiful melanin woman in this video I can't get into it," someone wrote underneath Gotti's Instagram post promoting the new video. "Sooo where are all the beautiful brown girls?" asked someone else.

Seemingly catching wind of the criticism, Gotti responded in an Instagram post on Sunday. "Wat they talkn bout [The Shade Room] I luv [chocolate] too we don't discriminate," he wrote before adding the hashtag "#TellEmWatchDaWholeVideo." The rapper also shared a clip of a dark woman who appeared in the video.

Gotti's post gained mixed reactions from his followers. "Still searching for the 'chocolate' in this clip," one person commented. Another person defended the rapper, writing, "Ppl just want to find something to be mad about . Just say y'all mad y'all not here."

Some others didn't think that to be a part of the video was something to be proud of. "I'm dark skinned and don't see the uproar, who wanna be 'represented' like this anyway," one user opined. Another user similarly wrote, "idk why anyone at all let alone black women would like to be represented like this anyway."

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