Seth Rogen's Dad Says Weed Cured His ADHD

According to his father, the 'Knocked Up' actor smoked marijuana in order to be able to relax as he struggled with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

AceShowbiz - Marijuana became Seth Rogen's saving grace during his youth because nothing else could help calm him down as he battled attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The "Knocked Up" star is well known as a weed aficionado, and even boasts his own brand of cannabis, and he likens smoking the drug to wearing a pair of shoes.

He explained, "It's just a tool we use to make our experience more palatable, and some people need those tools a lot more than others. For me, it's like shoes. For you, it might be like sunglasses. Not everyone's the same."

"If someone doesn't need to smoke weed? Great. It's the same as someone telling me they don't wear glasses. 'Mazel tov! You don't wear glasses. I do!' "

And Seth's dad, Mark, reveals marijuana has really turned his son's life around amid his ADHD struggle.

"We had him on a strict diet that helped keep him in balance, but it wasn't 100 per cent," he recalled to The New York Times Magazine. "Marijuana finally made his cells relax."

Seth Rogen himself said in a recent interview that he preferred taking drugs socially to drinking alcohol. "I think I realized I had been lied to about alcohol and that it held a place in society for the wrong reasons," he claimed.

He insisted drugs didn't give him the nasty effects of a hangover, "The next day I don't have a hangover, I'm not throwing up. It's just much better for me. Truly, you would be better off doing a hit of acid than drinking."

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