Benzino Says His Feud With Daughter Coi Leray Is Over in Loving Post

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star's post arrives after Coi declares her love to her dad on her Twitter account, writing, 'I love my dad [heart emoji] forever and always.'

AceShowbiz - Benzino and daughter Coi Leray have apparently squashed their beef. The father and daughter duo took to social media to share that they have apologized to each other after they got into a very public online spat earlier this year.

The rapper shared on his Instagram account to post a screenshot of his conversation with Coi in which they apologized for each other. "Told you I'm sorry. Let my anger get the best of me," Coi said to her father, who responded, "Thank u. I'm sorry too."

Coi then replied, "I have every right to feel how I feel, I just need to work on my response or not even have one at all." Benzine acknowledge that he "should've been there for u." In the caption, meanwhile, Benzino gushed, "I have one daughter on this earth and I love her dearly. All this drama is over now, please respect that and move on."

His post arrives after Coi declared her love to her dad, tweeting, "I love my dad [heart emoji] forever and always." In a separate post, Coi cryptically wrote, "I do this for my family, they don't understand me, no n***as around me, they don't understand me I do this for my crew they don't understand I do this s**t for you they don't understand."

Benzino initially wasn't thrilled with the post as he said, "So not only is the internet the place to tell someone you got beef, but it's also the place to tell someone you love them? How bout using the same phone for the keypad and call button. S**t fake asf."

However, he had a change of heart later as he wrote on Instagram, "Love you more CC and I'm sorry, if you felt wasn't there when you needed me I should've been and I truly apologize, no excuses."

The post seemingly wasn't enough for someone. The person told him in the comment, "PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND CALL YOUR DAUGHTER BENZINO!!!! Your life will not get better if you don't make it right with your CHILD!!!" Benzino caught wind of the fiery remarks and replied that he already did that without being told to. "we just got off phone, relax," he said to the user.

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