Cardi B Reacts to Being Dragged Into DaniLeigh's 'Yellow Bone' Colorism Controversy

'Every 6 months I gotta explain myself cause people can't research,' so the Grammy winner says on Twitter after her name is brought up in the wake of colorism controversy surrounding DaniLeigh.

AceShowbiz - In the wake of controversy surrounding DaniLeigh's new song "Yellow Bone" that many deem promoting colorism, one name is being dragged. Twitter users thought it was unfair that DaniLeigh was being canceled while Cardi B was getting a free pass when they are both Dominican.

To make their point, a video of Cardi during an interview resurfaced online. "I don't even like people that I think is my race. Just because I like people that are different from me. I like people that are not like me," the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker shared. "I like their culture. I already know my culture, so I want something new to me."

In response to that, one user wrote on the blue bird app, "Y'all canceled Dani Leigh for certain language but cardi B get a pass?? Make it make sense!!!" Echoing the sentiment, someone said, "My take on it is how y'all mad at Dani but support Cardi B. So if y'all gone cancel Dani cancel Cardi B. Two Hispanic women benefitting off black culture."

Another comment read, "dani leigh got dragged for pretending to be black now cardi has had to get her family photos out tk prove she's afro latina loooo." One person added, "I thought it was very clear that Cardi was not a black person. She is a Hispanic person with no black in her. The same way y'all dragged Dani, y'all need to do for Cardi."

Cardi caught wind of the discourse and quickly explained herself on Twitter. "Every 6 months I gotta explain myself cause people can't research," so the Grammy winner said on Monday, January 25. She went on sharing pictures of her family members who are all Afro-American. "It's time for ya to pick up a book.Your ignorance at this point is a Choice," she added in a separate tweet.

Cardi B reacted to being dragged into DaniLeigh's Yellow Bone controversy.

Cardi B reacted to being dragged into DaniLeigh's 'Yellow Bone' controversy.

DaniLeigh, meanwhile, has issued a lengthy apology following the backlash. "Hey guys, it's DaniLeigh. I just wanted to address what’s going on with me right now. I think it's super important, because I definitely feel super misunderstood. My song 'Yellow bone is what he want,' I think people twisted it into thinking, like, I'm trying to bash another woman, another skin tone, that was never my intention. I wasn't brought up like that, I never looked at my skin as a privilege. I never looked at me as 'I'm better than somebody because of my skin tone,' " so she wrote in now-deleted Instagram post.

"I see brown skin women flaunt their skin all the time in music, why can't I talk about mine? If you look at me, I'm light-skinned, I'm a yellow bone. In my opinion, that's just what I am. So, it wasn't something that I looked at so deeply. Which, I can see why people will take it deeply, so I understand and I'm sorry that I wasn't sensitive to the topic when I wrote my comment 'why are you guys taking so personal?' " she added. "Because, it can be a personal thing to certain people, because colorist is a real thing so I do get it. But I'm not that. I'm not a colorist. I'm not a racist. I date a whole chocolate man. I have beautiful dark-skinned friends."

Concluding her message, she said, "Skin isn't something I even see, it's not something that I look at. I don't live for the internet because people don't know me. So that's why I thought it was important to speak on, because you don't know me, it's like, let me tell you guys what I meant by this. Hopefully you guys can watch it with a open heart, a genuine mind, and try to get past it. I'm sorry, again, if I offended people -- who are truly offended -- I'm sorry. I'm going to just keep grinding, keep doing me, keep posting me. I hope everybody has a great Sunday. It's all love."

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